We all know what's happening with Tiger Woods Now, thanks to the compassionate reporting talent at Extra, we can finally understand what Jamie Grubbs is going through.

Don't be fooled by the glittering rhinestones embedded in her face that seem to say, "I'm a pretty, happy lady! My face is all blingy!"

This is a woman filled with pain, confusion and hurt. All thanks to Woods, whose relationship with the former cocktail waitress was deep and intense. According to Grubbs, they had sex 20 times. So what if he was married? And banging any number of other women? This was something real

And then, like a Titleist disappearing into a sand trap, the passion was gone.   

But will she take him back? Lauren Sanchez asks the big question.  


How would the other women of the Tiger scandal answer? Ponder that while flipping though our gallery.

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