Lindsay Lohan can't do anything quietly, and that includes hosting a holiday party for the staff of her 6126 leggings line.

It was paparazzi madness when she showed up at Beverly Hills eatery E. Baldi around 2 p.m. yesterday.

"That gray really brings out of the color of your eyes!" one pap yelled, although L.L. was wearing sunglasses.

And for once, it wasn't really her fault. LiLo didn't answer any questions about her recent trip to India. She's also been uncharacteristically quiet on her Twitter for the past few days...what gives?

Meanwhile, new mama Sarah Michelle Gellar just happened to be eating at the restaurant at the same time, though she probably wished she'd gone to In-N-Out instead as she was peppered with questions...

But unlike Linds, she played along. On her way in, SMG told photogs she was hungry and as she left, she says that although she played the original vampire slayer, she doesn't think about the Twilight kids.

As for how the new mom plans to spend her first holiday with daughter Charlotte?

"Celebrating," Sarah quickly answered before escaping the pack of paps.


See other stars getting into the holiday spirit in our Santa's Helpers gallery.

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