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Just think how many fewer albums Chris Brown would have sold had Walmart actually not (like the Mechanical Dummy himself erroneously believed) stocked his album.

And just think how many more albums Chris Brown would have sold had he not beaten up his girlfriend earlier this year.

The R&B star's latest release, Graffiti, debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard charts this week, selling just 102,000 copies (by comparison, the week's No. 1, Susan Boyle's unstoppable I Dreamed a Dream, sold nearly six times as much, 582,000).

Team Rihanna will be pleased to know that her release last month, Rated R, easily bested her ex's. That album came into the charts at No. 3 with sales of 181,000 in its first week out.

Still, while Brown's debut may look paltry in comparison to other artists, as far as Brown debuts go, it wasn't all that bad.

Graffiti was Brown's second-biggest debut, beaten only by his 2007 album, Exclusive, which debuted at No. 4 with 294,000 copies.

But though Brown's year started off very, very, very badly, it's ending only marginally better, PR-wise.

On Monday, the singer peaced out of Twitter after throwing a hissy fit over his perceived slight by Walmart. After visiting a Connecticut outlet that didn't have his album in stock (but did have the latest from 12-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys!) he fell under the meltdown-inducing misapprehension that the retail giant was not on Team Chris.

"I'm tired of this s--t," he wrote on his now defunct account. "Major stores r blackballing my CD. Not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers."

Aw, Chris, don't drag the wardrobe department into this.

"What the f--k do I gotta do?" he went on. "The industry can kiss my ass."

Just as long as he's aware the customers aren't going to.

Meanwhile, SuBo continued her domination on the charts, putting her 2009 total at 1.8 million and counting. Should her sales continue apace, she has a good chance of upsetting Taylor Swift's Fearless—steadily but slowly adding to its 2.7 million copies—as the year's bestseller.

Also capping off a banner week is Glee. Fresh off the show's Golden Globe nominations, the first soundtrack volume from the show shot up to No. 3 on the charts.

Here's this week's top 10:

1. I Dreamed a Dream, Susan Boyle
2. My Christmas, Andrea Bocelli
3. Glee: The Music, Volume 1
4. Fearless, Taylor Swift
5. Play On, Carrie Underwood
6. The Fame, Lady Gaga
7. Graffiti, Chris Brown
8. My World, Justin Bieber
9. Crazy Love, Michael Buble
10. The State Vs. Radric Davis, Gucci Mane


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