Ed Westwick


Ed Westwick, we fear, was getting a little too into his Gossip Girl character while walking to set on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

Ya see, Eddie was taking a stroll right by the East River when a few girls, who swear they were not overly gawking, spotted Chuck Bass himself and gave him a smile.

So did Ed bite?

Uh, well not in a fun way, folks. Here's what our onlooker reports:

"He seemed really really uptight. My friends and I were chatting outside my building and he was walking by. Obviously we looked as he approached but we did not have fan-girly reactions to him. The moment he saw us, his face went sour."

One of the gals wasn't put off by his attitude, so she smiled and said "Hi, how are you?"

Ed first put his head down, attempting to ignore the gals, but eventually lifted his head and gave a "slightly charming" quick response.

What is it with all of these GG kids having a constant sour-puss attitudes? Blake Lively, Taylor Momsen, occasionally Leighton Meester...you all do know you're starring in a semi-failing show, right?

So did Ed perk up when he got on set? Not exactly. We're told he had rather icy interactions with those around him, too.

You'd think real life girlfriend Jessica Szhor would cheer the Brit up a bit, but our Manhattan snoops tell us that didn't seem to work, either.

"Let's just say he didn't seem interested in anyone on that set."

Bad day, Ed?

Additional Reporting by Taryn Ryder


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