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The Hangover (easily one of our fave movies of summer) comes out on DVD today, which is convenient timing because earlier this morning Todd Phillips' movie received a Golden Globe nom for Best Comedy.

'Tho the baddie boys themselves weren't recognized by The Hollywood Foreign Press, something tells us they aren't too bummed, since the hit movie kind of came out of nowhere.

We chatted with the funny and adorable Justin Bartha (aka the lost groom) who filled us in on just how drunk the mischievous guys would come to set, his hot-ass BFF Bradley Cooper, and where The Hangover goes from here...

First off, don't think these charming guys are crying into their pillows 'cause they didn't get a single lousy GG nomination.

"You always hope your film is going to be [a hit], but you never really know. This was a welcomed surprise," Bartha tells us.

It sounds to us like all of the guys had such a blast on set, they're more into the fans liking their screwball comedy than any critics.

"I think a few of us came to work hungover," Bartha jokes about being stuck living in Vegas. "We'd hit the tables a bit, you know. It was just a lot of fun working with [the cast]."

"There's an Alan [Zach Galifianakis], Stu [Ed Helms], Phil [Cooper], and Doug [Bartha] in every group of friends, so it was great to see what these guys did with their characters."

You all played these roles so well. Too well. Were you guys basically your characters, then?

"Oh yeah, definitely."

If you need a refresher before renting the comedy again, Alan is the hilarious screw-up, Stu is tightly-wound dentist, Phil is the trouble-maker with a heart, and Doug...well, he just wants to get married.

So, Justin, did playing a groom make you want to settle down at all?

"Uhh [long pause], I don't know! I'm just...I don't think I'm [where Doug was]."

The guy is currently dating Ashley Olsen, but is always very tight-lipped about their relaysh and anything about it.

So what about his dangerous best-friendship with Cooper?

"We met filming Failure to Launch and were friends after that," Bartha says. "[Bradley] is a really great actor, a great guy. I've been lucky to be able to work with him a lot."

So does it help having a good friend like Bradley to go through all of this fame stuff with?

"Yeah, exactly."

As for whether these four guys will reunite for a sequel, Bartha played coy when asked about that, too, the little devil. Clearly, Ashley's stealth training has paid off: "All I know is that the script is in the works."

While The Hangover 2 is a bit premature, you can check Justin out at Sundance where his film Holy Rollers will be showing.

And we assume you can find Bradley on the arm of some A-list actress. Even though Renée Zellweger is supposedly still around, we doubt it's for too much longer! In fact, we're sure of it.


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