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Gossip Girl: Imagine us tapping our fingers together evilly and saying "egggsellent..." in the voice of Monty Burns from The Simpsons, because that's our reaction to reports that vixen Kaitlin Cooper Agnes Andrews (Willa Holland) has rejoined Gossip Girl, where she will no doubt contribute greatly to the coming deliquency of Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen).

True Blood: Yay to the hundredth power. This news comes from the department of awesomeness: Alfre Woodard (awesome) is set to guest star as the mother of Nelsan Ellis' Lafayette Reynolds (awesome) on True Blood (awesome).

Community: Jack Black and a mystery comedian to be named later will both guest on Community later this season. So long as Jessica Alba and Cloris Leachman aren't involved à la Black's weirdo gig on The Office...

Plus, find out when Gilmore Girls mama Lauren Graham is going to be back on your TV...

• NBC: Our winter premiere-dates calendar is updated with NBC's newly released winter premiere dates, including Monday, March 1 for Parenthood (which stars the likes of Lauren Graham and Peter Krause) and Tuesday, Jan. 5 for The Biggest Loser. Premiere dates for Friday Night Lights season four and Trauma's remaining six episodes are nowhere in sight, but we chose to have faith (blind, foolish faith?) that NBC has an unknowable but truly great plan for airing these shows.

• Paley Festival 2010! The William S. Paley Center for Media announced that Glee and Modern Family will appear at this year's Paley Fest, which is moving to the lovely new neon-lit (long live obsolete but beautiful neon lights!) Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. Paley plans to announce the remaining shows in the lineup on Jan. 20. Our tweeps think these other shows should appear at Paley this year: Better Off Ted, Bored to Death, Castle, Cougar Town, Nurse Jackie and Sons of Anarchy. What shows do you want to see at Paley Fest this year?

Post your Paley suggestions below, and think mostly first-year shows or older shows that haven't been honored yet...


Get our reaction to this morning's Golden Globes nominations, and then click through our Notable Nominees gallery!

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