In the spirit of taking a Double T Break (Twilight and Tiger) for you fed-up readers, we have some fun, girly boob-tube stuff!

Courteney Cox's show Cougar Town kinda became a hit out of nowhere ('tho we're more partial to Modern Family). So we chatted with arguably the best part of show, Busy Phillips, at the Friends without a Border Benefit.

Über-talented Busy plays Courteney's much younger colleague, the one who's always pushing Cox to embrace her inner cougar. And she dishes to us on Court's onscreen reunion with Lisa Kudrow, her man talents, and whether Jennifer Aniston will be making any appearances...

We know Courteney is married, but how much inner cougar does she really have in her?

You know, she's older than David, like four years older. So, technically, she could be a cougar with her husband! She's a married cougar.

We're so looking forward to Lisa and Court's on-screen reunion on the show. Were you a Friends fan back in the day?

What are you talking about, I watch it twice a night! Are you kidding? When Lisa Kudrow came on set, I couldn't handle it. I was so excited.

So did the former costars stars just have a blast on set?

It was great! Lisa plays a character very opposite Phoebe and very opposite their relationship they had on Friends. Lisa's mean to Courteney, and so it was a lot of fun to watch. I hope people enjoy it and don't have the opposite reaction which is like I don't want to see that. I wanted to see it! It's awesome.

What about Jennifer Aniston? Can we get the Friends trifecta back in action on the show?

Yeah, why not! Bring it on Jen! Yeah, I dunno.


So we wonder, is Jen too good for CT? Like we've always said, she's made for TV, not so much movies. We just want Jen-An to realize that so she doesn't have to put herself through bad movie after bad movie any more.


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