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Wow. Just...wow.

Anyone else feel as if your stomach has lept up out of your mouth after watching tonight's fourth season finale of Showtime's Dexter? It was...horrifying. To say the least.

As usual, someone died.

But unlike usual, this death just might go down as one of the most shocking deaths ever on television.

If you haven't yet seen tonight's season finale episode, do not read another word, because if ever there were a time you do not want to be spoiled, it is this.

If you have seen the episode, keep reading...

Julie Benz, Dexter

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Rita is dead.

And hats off to the Dexter producers for writing her death in such a way that no one saw it coming. You didn't, did you? Though we were lead to believe she'd hopped into a cab to her and Dex's romantic getaway (while Astor and Cody went off to DisneyWorld), it turns out Rita forgot her ID, which is tragically just about the worst possible thing she could have done, because she ended up in the bathtub at the hands of Trinity.

We are heading right now to the Los Angeles finale party for Dexter tonight, where the lovely and now former cast member Julie Benz (Rita) will be in attendance, along with John Lithgow (Trinity) and CS Lee (Masuka). If you have any questions, please post them below, because honestly, I'm not sure I can eek a word out in my current state.

As if Rita's death weren't horrifying and shocking enough, they had to go and put baby Harrison in the pool of blood, mirroring the image we've seen for four seasons of Dexter as a young child in the shipping container. I'm not sure there's a word for that.

It seems Jennifer Carpenter was right, that "there's nothing we can't do next season." but we're gonna have to wait a good long while to find out, because Dexter boss Clyde Phillips tells me they won't even start brainstorming on season five until February.

Did anyone else think tonight's episode was all leading up to Deb learning Dexter is a serial killer? It certainly seems that given everything she's been through, and particularly with the FBI taking over the Trinity case, she might even be OK with Dex's dark passenger way of justice. But I suppose we'll have to wait.

What did you think of tonight's finale? Amazing? Or did that last shot go too far? Will you be following Jennifer Carpenter's advice and calling your therapist? Join me below, and don't forget to comment below with Q's. We'll be checking in...

(Check back for scoop from tonight's party and the answer to your questions first thing tomorrow morning. Now pardon me while I go hug my baby...)

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