Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner


Note to parents: Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are hazardous to your child's education.

Elementary school kids may love T & T, but their teachers may not be returning the adoration. At least, not on days when the superstar singer and New Moon hottie were recently shooting Valentine's Day at a local L.A. school...

"When the students were let out for a short period of time, hundreds of kids were just running at Taylor and Taylor, screaming their names," fellow Valentine's Day actor Carter Jenkins told us last night at the Roosevelt Hotel's Friends Without a Border Hollywood Gala. "The principal had to get on a horn and tell the kids to go back to class. It was insane."

In fact, things got so bad that Jenkins says the principal tried to stop the T's from doing their job!

"He suggested our crew hide them for 15 minutes so that he could get all his kids back to class," Jenkins said. "But our crew was like, 'We're trying to film. We can't hide them.'"

Meanwhile, Jenkins tells us he wanted to do a little hiding of his own?from his on-screen gal pal Emma Roberts' real-life beau. "We definitely have to make out a lot in the film," Jenkins said. "It was maybe some of the best days at the office I'll ever have."

However, "the awkward part is Emma has a boyfriend and he would come to sets to see what was going on," Jenkins said.

In fact, Jenkins and Roberts' storyline centers on their characters trying to lose their virginity to each other. Jenkins explained, "It's about the obstacles we go through in trying to do the deed for the first time."


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