Could we all not use a two-sec break from dogs like Tiger Woods? I mean, we bitch and complain so much here at the AT that readers ask who do we like in Hollywood. We get that a lot. So, here goes:

One babe, for starters, would be Anne Hathaway. The twentysomething beauty hit the scene during the rise of Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff…and it's pretty damn obvious with an Oscar nomination under her always stylish belt, which direction she went compared to her then competition.

Anne balances her career, boyfriend, friends and many gay-boyfriends, and still manages to find time to give back:

We caught up with Hathaway at the Friends Without a Border Benefit last week, and the well-spoken hon dished on the amazing cause, her childhood Christmases, and Johnny Depp, of course.

Check out the clip above to hear Ms. H. explain why she felt the need to lend her presh time to this cause. For all of you in the Christmas spirit, you should def look into Friends Without a Border.

It's a non-profit organization which raises awareness and funds to support Angkor Hospital for Children, a leading pediatric hospital providing medical care to children in post-genocide Cambodia.

So why does Anne choose to spend her time going to various benefits rather than hanging out at the latest hotspot club like many chicks her age?

"I never really thought about it. I'm certainly not the first actress to be interested in philanthropy, I think I'm just very lucky to find myself a part of that legacy.

Since tonight is all about the kids, what did you want as a child for Christmas?

"I was kind of Barbie obsessed! My parents were really sweet; they used to get me the holiday Barbie."

As Anne started getting animated about her fave girly doll that used to grow hair, she bumped into some of the cameramen behind her.

"Oh, I'm a klutz no matter how you dress me up," she laughed.

Do you love this girl or what? We hardly think the sweaty men on the press line cared that they were bumped by Miss Anne, especially in that one-shoulder short black job she showed off.

As for where we can see AH next (since she actually works, ya know, which certainly gives her a leg up on the Lohans)?

"I am going to be in Valentine's Day with a lot of other people.  After that, I am going to be in Alice in Wonderland."

We're so looking forward to seeing Alice in Wonderland! But seriously, how do you come to set and work with Johnny Depp…we'd die!

"I just told myself to keep breathing. It was wonderful and he is a really nice guy, which makes it easy."

Hmm. Would Angelina Jolie say the same?

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