Rachel Uchitel, Jarron Lowenstein

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While Rachel Uchitel's so busy telling us she's just the sweetest li'l thing, and not at all the nasty hooker-type Joy Behar joked about, we're hearing she had herself a nice, hotass affair shortly before landing her recent tabloid goldmine guy, Tiger Woods. You know, the dude who's reported association with Uchitel has gotten her offers from Playboy and the scorn of many, yada yada.

Now, Uchitel slobbered over hottie musician Jaron Lowenstein in the south of France several months ago, and somebody who was around for the fireworks had this to say:

"They were really into each other," reports our sexy eyewitness, who was cozying up right next to Rachel and Jaron, all slithered up 'n' ready to party on a yacht in St. Tropez. "And you know, what, she was a really nice girl, too. They had a really good time."

Oh, I'm so relieved!

Even though lots of sun-tanned sex did accompany the week-long tryst—we're assured—isn't it so good to know Rachel's still the most darling girl? I am so heartened to hear this, aren't you?

But look, here's what I want to know: Why the hell didn't Rach stick with Jaron, whose tunes like "Pray For Me" are just the coolest thing? Also, he's not married. He's much more doable than Tiger could ever hope to be. Is it just because, uh, there just wasn't that much notoriety in it for her?

I can't exactly say Playboy and its ilk would come calling after just a sweet li'l relationship experience like that, right? Where would the exclamation points and headlines go then? Nowhere, that's where. Not exactly the place Rachel wants it, to be sure.


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