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ABC Family's breakout hit series Make It or Break It, about a group of Olympic-hopeful gymnasts training together in Colorado, returns in just one month, and everybody who say the first episodes this summer is dying to know what happens next with star gymnast Payson Keeler (Ayla Kell) and the rest of the gang from "the Rock."

Luckily, we just caught up with MIOBI costars Peri Gilpin and Candace Cameron Bure at the ABC Family's Christmas event in New York City, and they revealed that Payson's seemingly career-ending injury may have twist, plus why both of their characters are having some romantic problems...


Is Payson going to recover?
I don't know. None of us really know. One week, we think she is, and then we find out that she's not going to, and then the next week...She's making strides because it's not just about her breaking her back—which I'm not sure if she actually completely broke her back—but what she did will heal and she will walk, but she won't do gymnastics again. So it's her not just dealing with that, but also her friends that she's grown up with that are on the team with her have to go on without her. And so she's exploring a lot of different things, some good things, some bad things, to kind of figure out who to be now.

Are you still going to be running the gym?
No, I have to be with my daughter. So she's running the gym [points to Candace]. She offers to take over for me, and then someone there starts flirting with her.

There's an old figure-skating joke: Once a doctor tells you that you'll never skate again, you'll go forward and win a world championship. Do you think that might have any resemblance to what might happen to Payson?
Actually, I think you just nailed the second episode. [Laughs hysterically] Or a part of it. But it's true. She's seen a lot of doctors. We left no stone unturned, and the more you explore that, the more you get your hopes up. As a mom, do you want to take a chance that that operation could keep you from walking? And it's a little, brief kind of competition. It's so cool. Such a cool storyline.

Is your husband going to move back home?
No, no, he's g—maybe.

Candace Cameron Bure, Make It or Break It



Peri just spilled that you are going to be running the gym.
She did! Is she allowed to say that?! I might be takin' over. I might be.

How are you going to maintain your relationship with Lauren now that you're no long with their dad?
Yeah, it's a little—the writers are doing a great job to still keep me in that gym, and it's quite awkward because Steve and Summer are broken up. But there's a huge change in Lauren this year between our relationship, so it's gonna be interesting for the viewers to see.

In a good way?
Well, her dad and I aren't together anymore, so Lauren might be changin' her tune to see if I'll get back together with her dad, which is a very different attitude then she's had in the past.

Peri also said that someone in the gym would be flirting with you…
That Peri! I know, I'm not tellin' who, though! I'm the only single one at the, er, no, I can't say that. I don't have any kids at the gym, so I'm technically not a gym mom. So that means I'm available and, yeah, someone might be havin' their eyes on me, needless to say.

Make It or Break It returns to ABC Family on Jan. 4 at 9 p.m. with 10 all-new episodes. (Fellow ABC Family hit series The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Greek air now air before and after, all on that same night.)

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