Lindsay Lohan, Twitter


Iconic photo recreator, Lindsay Lohan, is taking a break from looking like a broken-down version of her idols and saving lives!

After months of planning, Linds finally made it to India to film a BBC3 documentary about human trafficking and, of course, she's twittering about it.

Her first day, she tweeted: "Over 40 children saved so far...... Within one day's work...... This is what life is about..... Doing THIS is a life worth living!!!" She ended up deleting this tweet but left this epiphany:

"Focusing on celebrities and lies is so disconcerting, when we can be changing the world one child at a time.... hope everyone can see that."

But even Lindsay has trouble seeing this as she finds time in between saving 40 children a day to respond to rumors back home...

In response to the threesome shot: "Doing a photo shoot & short film is THE SAME AS playing a role in a movie... It's acting! Fake, pretend geez"

The New York Daily News also ran a story about Lindsay hooking up with some model. Official Lindsay comment: "hahahahahahahahahaha such lies. Google poverty...I'm not cheating!"

It's great that Lindsay is doing something other than slinking around sleazy Hollywood clubs, but once again Twitter is her downfall. LiLo: Learn from Miley (she has so much to teach) and just get rid of the thing.


Lindsay isn't the only famous person lending a helping hand, check out more good folks in our Do-Gooder gallery.

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