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You thought all that news about Idina Menzel maybe guest starring and Finn playing basketball was all the Glee you'd get for a while.

Pshaw! You were wrong.

We made sure to check out Jayma Mays' performance of "Let It Snow" at a special event for Dunkin' Donuts in New York City. After she did the robot while singing a holiday tune—she really is the cutest thing ever—we made sure to ask a few pressing questions.

She had a few choice words for Emma's future, as well as the potential for more chances to sing (or rap or yodel...).

First of all, you aren't the only ones dying to know what happens next in the tale of McKinley High.

"I feel like last night was as much of a cliffhanger for the characters in the show as it was for everyone watching," she confessed. "I haven't a clue what happens next, but I do hope they give her a job somewhere. She'll starve to death. It's a recession! What was she thinking leaving school?"

Of course, we had to ask what she thought of the future of Emma and Mr. Schuster.

"The triangle is definitely still there," she said. "Emma's afraid of everything, so I doubt she would jump into anything headfirst. I think she's too analytical for that. As much as she wants to be a romantic and in the clouds and stuff, I think she'd want to be smart about it."

Jayma shared our sadness that we only heard her sing one time in this first half of the season, and she's definitely hoping for a round two (or three or four) in the upcoming episodes.

"I keep saying I want to sing a country song—get back to my roots a little," she said, but admitted she'll gladly take what she's given. "You never know with them. They're so brilliant and they make it work, so you never know. They might have me rap or yodel. Maybe at the same time!"

As for that upcoming Madonna episode, Jayma feels it would only be appropriate that Emma sing "Like a Virgin." This doesn't surprise us too much—she sang "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show for her Glee audition!

See that comments section? It's there for you to sound off and speculate on the future of that dreamy interoffice romance that was sealed with a kiss last night. Get to it!


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