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Dear Ted:
Take a look at the pics of Taylor Swift at the Vevo launch...she's looking a bit like a stick bug, and I do not want her to turn into every other Hollywood bigheaded rack of bones. Do something! Also, thanks for the Unhooked Hotties photo gallery. I lost another of my single friends to an engagement the other day, and it's driving me crazy. Thanks for showing me all the lovely career minded women out there and that I'm not alone! Happy holidays!

Dear Skin and Bones:
You're right, lovely Swift is looking a tad on the frail side. Maybe it's cause she's still super young and that metabolism is working for her. Don't think she ever has time to work out. Or maybe eat too much for that matter then. And you're very welcome, us single gals have to stick together!

Dear Ted:
I'm a huge Robsten fan and I'll follow you blindly with your reports because I know you don't sugarcoat anything. So obviously I'd turn to you when I saw on Perez that R.Pattz did an article with Vanity Fair saying over and over how he's definitely single. Is this an old article or this just how Robsten prefers to roll? I loved the non-denials, they were enough for me and I want them back! Help!

Dear Overreacting:
Hon, those quotes were to Italian Vanity Fair and are incredibly old. First off, the issue came out back in November, and as Gossip Cop reported those quotes were from seven months ago. Perez should have been your first clue something was off!

Dear Ted:
You are fabulous and I love what you write, but this email is for Taryn. Taryn, Thank you so much for your piece on Amanda Knox. I had no idea that you are from Seattle and I can tell you that there are many people up here in this community that are upset because it seems that one of our own did not receive a fair trial. Different judicial systems aside, this is a serious matter and something needs to be done. This is someone's life and it shouldn't be dictated by popular opinion or media pressure. It should be dictated by facts and evidence, evidence that there doesn't seem to be any of implicating Amanda (CNN hired a private investigator who came up with no physical evidence against her.). So thank you for posting this and spreading the word. Hopefully, if we all begin to take action and let our representatives know that this is not something we are willing to let "play out" by itself, we can get Amanda home.

Dear Seattle Supporter:
Taryn's right there with ya babe (so am I, for that matter). As for others who are unclear, The Daily Mail gives a pretty good rundown of the case as well as CNN.

Dear Ted:
I finally have enough guts to write you an email. Now I'm fully aware that the whole point in these Blind Vices is to make the readers use their brain and figure it out on their own with little clues here and there from you (which is really frustrating, by the way!), but this Butter Pussy has got me stumped. Since this BV is probably going to get dragged on for an eternity, could you help me narrow it down a little? Is she black or white?

Dear Determined:
She's hardly a WASP, let's put it that way.

Dear Ted:
What's the latest word on Michael Vartan? He's on Hawthorne, but I've not heard any gossip about him in forever?! Any women on his horizon... or men for that matter?

Dear Alias Aware:
Were that it was me! Hear he's pretty still pretty much on his own, though. Smart man. He's so not like his ex Jen Garner.

Dear Ted:
I totally agree with you about the hetero cheating and the blindness to gay rights in the name of "God's Intention." I have never understood the controversy over gay rights—you shouldn't have to fight for something that needs to be an inherent part of living. While a hetero woman, I've been fighting for the rights of all people for years. I'm 61 now and still screaming and will continue to do so till they shovel dirt on me. Please take care, and keep up the good fight. There's nothing worse than silence.

Dear Agreed:
Thanks for you not being silent, babe, much appreciated.

Dear Ted:
Have especially enjoyed your Robsten coverage, however, as huge a fan, I am worried about these two young talented people being together as a couple, I'm sad to say that I have lost all faith in the hopes that they were not selling there relaysh as a way to put butt's in the seats for New Moon and the upcoming movies. I believe that money does talk and that it would be really hard not to take the bait. I think Robsten have been toying with us, example: getting caught holding hand in France, on and off again photos of them running into hotels. No concrete evidence! Kristen has said many time that she doesn't care what others think and that she certainly doesn't have to justify that to anyone, but I would be really disappointed to learn otherwise. We went from a media storm to absolutely nothing! Very strange? But I do understand that they of all people need to be left alone and have some down time. I hope that I'm wrong with this and keep us informed.

Dear Promo Whores:
If that was Kristen and Rob's game, then they would have been "public" during Twilight. They already knew New Moon was going to be huge, they had no reason to amp up publicity for this one. Twilight was the gamble. When there's something newsworthy we'll be the first to report it about these two, but they're finally getting downtime, no need to draw extra attention to them.

Dear Ted:
Please, please, please, sweetie—what's going on with Jake and Reese? Are they finally "over" or aren't they? Yours is the only answer I'd trust.

Dear Put a Fork In Gyllenspoon:
Just from being cynical and in this damn city for too long I doubt they are actually over. Reese will want her perfect boyfriend and perfect life. Don't think for a sec she wants Ryan Phillippe to end up the settled one. Still, Jake isn't the guy for her. Hope she realizes it!

Dear Ted:
While Billy Corgan and Jessica Simpson are creeping me out a bit, do opposites really attract?

Dear Singin' a Creepy Tune:
That's not the case as much as anyone who pays Jessica attention is the guy for her. She's the new Jen Aniston, didn't you know?

Dear Ted:
I'd loved to see Alexander Skarsgard with Elin Woods! Think about it. They are both from Sweden and seem to share a similar background and upbringing. He wants lots of kids; she already has two. Obviously, she needs some time to recover from all the drama in her life, but someone please introduce those two to each other asap!

Dear Out There:
Seems to me Skarsgård likes his single status just the way it is. We don't want Elin getting hurt again.

Dear Ted:
I am convinced that John Mayer is smitten with Taylor Swift and secretly wishes he could get a lady as sweet and classy as her.
Tickle me pink

Dear Why Not:
She's fresh meat! Of course Mayer is interested. Everyone loves the untainted types.

Dear Ted:
Although I think the intense coverage of Tiger Woods is justified—he is a celebrity—am I the only one terrified by the media's power to destroy a person's reputation, marriage, and livelihood in 24 hours? Have we created a Frankenstein?
Curious about your thoughts

Dear Letter of the Day:
That's quite the way to look at it babe, and it's very true, indeed. While I think the girls who supposedly hooked up with a married Tiger are skank-bags, I'm sure some of them are nice people. But there's no way in hell that's how they'll be portrayed. They're gonna walk around now with a big giant "whore" labeled across their faces. The media is a very, very powerful thing. We can be your BFF or worst frenemy.

Dear Ted:
Love your blolumn. Love your wit. Love Judas-Jack-off and DDD (whoever they turn it out to be). Question though is Kris Allen really as straight as his roommate Adam Lambert says he is, i.e 100 percent straight? The chemistry between the two is sizzling and those pecs on Allen could make a straight man bisexual so no telling what they did to Lambert. Am I warm here or totally kooky on this one?

Dear Love, Lost, And Everything Inbetween:
I think that Judas and Dashed have way more sexual chemistry than Kris and Adam. However, the American Idol guys have a better relationship than Judas and Dashed right now.

Dear Ted:
Is it just me or is not surprising that Kristen Stewart would play a stripper well. There's just something about her that makes me like "yeah, I could see that."

Dear Love of the Flesh:
Yeah, I could see that, too. Mostly because I think she wants to play more daring roles. I actually don't see her being all that into stripping. Enough with the foreplay, she prob just wants to get right down to the good stuff!

Dear Ted:
What's really going on with Robsten? Is Rob now seriously interested in his agent, Stephanie Ritz? And are Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart friends?

Dear Greene with Envy:
Don't know how many times we gotta tell ya, definitely nothing going on with Rob and his agent. As for Ashley and Kristen they are friends, but definitely not too close.

Dear Ted:
You and Taryn would get lynched for putting this "New Moon In One Minute" comedy clip on your website—the Robstentweens would go all mental. But given that you're both eyeball-deep in Twilightery every day, I figured you could use the laugh. Be well!
My secret ID

Dear Dare to be Bad:
Funny trumps Twilight! The cast loves that kinda stuff too, don't be fooled otherwise.


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