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Candy Spelling is a major survivor in this town. She knows how to last, I think we can all agree on that much.

It's not like she's shriveled away after much-talked about battles with daughter Tori (now over, according to my supersvelte colleague Marc Malkin). As if!

Instead, one of the many ways Ms. S is keeping herself out there is with her new TV gig here on E!, which starts Monday. It's all about how Candy and other benevolent folks are doling out their own loot to those they deem most in need. Noble, fab idea, love it. Can't wait!

But I told Candy about another idea for those who might benefit from her largesse. Find out what she said:

Candy, you obviously know how to survive in this town. What about doing a follow-up show to Bank of Hollywood that allows you to dole out advice to those who need help overcoming a crisis in their lives, like Jon Gosselin or Tiger Woods? Call it Bank of Wisdom!
I think it's a good idea. But isn't that more like crisis management?

Yes, absolutely. And I think some of these folks could benefit from your advice. What would you say to Tiger Woods, for example?
Well, I was watching Dr. Drew, and he appears to just be a sex addict.

And it's all the same, you know, alcoholism, drug addiction. It isn't any different. He needs treatment. But he has to want it, otherwise it won't make any difference. I used to smoke, for instance, but I quit years ago.

OMG, I just started again like an idiot! How did you stop, Candy?
I went to a hypnotist that I sent a cajillion people to. And that great movie The Insider made me want to stop.

Was it hard?
You know, I gave this dinner party for Prince Charles, and I was so nervous about it.

Did it all come off OK?
Yes, but afterward, I just had to have a cigarette! From the stress! I would go into the bathroom and sneak one so Aaron wouldn't know.

Do you miss smoking?
No, I hate the smell of it.

Any prospective buyers for the Manor?
No, it's hard to find people to qualify in this market.

Especially for $150 million. So, will you think about it, Candy, Bank of Wisdom?
Yes, I will, just don't know when I'll have the time!


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