Miley Cyrus

Christmas must have come early this year, because there are finally reports of Miley Cyrus out clubbing in London. Yay!

Miles hit up the über-exclusive Groucho Club, a place also known to be the second home to tame gals like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Lily Allen.

The Daily Mail dishes that the 17-year-old superstar was supposedly only dining at the party-hardy venue because the club "does not condone underage drinking."


Now we would never insinuate that Cyrus would be anything but a law-abiding citizen over across the pond. After all, M. is still a year away from the legal drinking age in London, which is 18. However, we're assured by some posh British socialites over there that even if something was going down at Groucho, we certainly wouldn't be hearing about it.

"[Groucho] takes care of its celebrity clientele and their members. Why do you think it's such a hot spot? Because it's a safe haven for these celebs and rich folks to go and be themselves and let loose without prying eyes."

For those of you on Team Miley who think we want to joust her at any opportunity possible, that's not what we're doing.

There's a pattern of behavior here, people.

Just a few days ago, she was caught trying to get into 21-and-over Club LIV in Miami, another very scenester place. Just wanna get dinner there, too, girlfriend? Surely there are other delish places to eat in Miami and London, so let's face it...Miley wants to be out!

Now, it's not like some of us here at Team Awful weren't sneaking into clubs underage. That's not necessarily our issue—we just want Miley to own who she really is.

There's a lot to this Hannah Montana star you all don't know. Wish we could tell you, but her secrets are hidden. So come on, M.C., drop the oh-so-innocent act, 'cause that shtick ain't you! We dig the real Miley so much better.

Seriously though, get ready for Cyrus to be a little party force of nature. It's not like we're rooting for her to go to rehab or the Lohan route, but we can't friggin' wait until she starts hitting the scene. Anything to get these reality losers off our radar.


Who else has secrets? Everyone! Here's 25 in our Blind Vice Superstars gallery.

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