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When Pam Halpert (Jenna Fischer) finally gives birth on The Office, don't be surprised if the kid comes out walking, talking and reciting his ABCs. 'Cause poor Pam is cooking that poor baby for wayyyyy too long.

"Pam was supposed to be due in February, but now the baby won't come until March because of the Olympics," Jenna told me at last night's In Style/Hollywood Foreign Press party in Hollywood. (She's looking smoking-hot and most decidedly unpregnant in real life, by the way.)

The Winter Olympics are airing Feb. 12-28 on NBC, and apparently some network mucky-mucks think the international rip-off of the Dundees is more important than Pam's birthing. As if!

The good news? Unlike some other shows out there that shan't be named (*ahem*Glee*ahem*FlashForward*ahem*V), we'll get new Office episodes before the Olympics, on Feb. 4 and 11.

And, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus (who looks a lot like Steve Carell), because The Office also airs tomorrow night with a high-larious Christmas episode that's sure to get you giggly. Check out these awesome sneak peeks, and vote in our Jim and Pam baby pool below...

Should we start a baby pool for Jim and Pam's baby? Why not! Vote below for whether you think it's going to be a boy or girl and the due date...

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