Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert, channeling his inner diva while celebrating Musical Mondays at Splash, a gay bar in Manhattan.

Now, we're told this isn't just any gay bar. Oh no. Our East Coast source, who was at Splash, describes the scene as this:

"It's the trashiest gay bar in Manhattan. It basically combines show tunes with STDs." 

Lambert showed up with his gay-tourage and was as cool and sweet as can be, we're told. He was "very nice" shaking tons of hands, hugging people and calling them "really cute." 

As for why our spy swears this bar is supersleazy? 

"Half the bathroom stalls are missing doors, if you get my drift." 

Apparently the bar itself is "adorable," but "the horny clientele" is what makes the scene a tad "gross." 

Either way, Adam was there to have a good time and sing his tush off. "He was singing tons of show tunes in the VIP area and was really enjoying himself," our eyes dish. No word if the American Idol runner-up enjoyed the nice décor the bathroom had to offer! 

A little south in Miami...

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, making a color-coordinated (in gray) appearance at the opening of the Roger Vivier store at the Bal Harbour Shops in Florida. Paula is apparently quite fond of the swank label and was rocking an amazing pair of black Roger Vivier shoes to prove it. 

The entire time Paula was shopping, Robin was busy doting on his pregnant wife. Our posh Miami spy tells us the two are still in that gushy-love phase: 

"They completed each other's sentences and riffed off each other in that oh-so-too-cute, sickening way couples who are truly in sync do, you know." 

Let's hope they stay that way. We're so sick of reporting on the Tiger Woodses of the celebrity scene, if you catch our drift. 

Additional reporting by Brussy Jones and Martin Haro


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