Brian Bonsall

Tony Costa/NBCU Photo Bank via AP Images

Perhaps Andy Keaton still reeling from the whole mom's-a-lesbian thing.

Brian Bonsall, who played the youngest member of the Keaton clan on Family Ties, is in trouble with the Colorado law yet again, this time after being arrested after allegedly hitting a friend with a piece of a wooden stool.

According to Boulder's Daily Camera, police were called to the apartment of Bonsall's "friend," Micheal Trujillo, three times Friday night before finally arresting the former child star at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

Police said that Bonsall, 28, told them he had been drinking and didn't remember the incident. He's currently being held in Boulder County Jail in lieu of $7,500 bail and is due in court on Wednesday to answer to charges of assault and failure to appear stemming from a court date he missed in July 2008.

Bonsall, who had been on the lam until now, is still on the hook for a 2007 domestic-violence incident involving his girlfriend at the time. He pleaded guilty to third-degree assault but ended up in hot water again a year later after failing a Breathalyzer, not showing up for a drug test, bailing on payment for a domestic-abuse class and, when all was said and done, failing to appear before a judge.


Brian Bonsall is just one of the unfortunate celebs on file in our Mug-Shot Mania gallery.

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