Amazing Race, Meghan Rickey, Cheyne Whitney

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Adorable fan faves Meghan Rickey and Cheyne Whitney won the 15th cycle of The Amazing Race last night, but their adventures together aren't over yet!

When we caught up with the couple earlier today to ask about their victory and their future together, Meghan revealed whether or not the couple plans on getting married and if they'd be spending their TAR prize money on a blowout wedding bash.

Here's what we learned from the cuties about their future as a twosome; plus, why they think also-rans Don and Sam were so darn annoying...

You guys have been together for a while, but in the month you were actually shooting, what did you learn about your relationship that you would have never learned in a normal situation?
To tell you the honest truth, I think we knew each other really well before the race. I wish I had a good answer for you. I learned I say babe too much and she says Cheyne too much. Cheyne, Cheyne, Cheyne, Cheyne. But we really realized the things that we thought were our strengths were really magnified, and we were a really good team, and we work really well together.

Why do you think Sam and Don were so unpopular?
Cheyne: I just think they're brothers, you know? They're not a dating couple. They argue—I don't think they did anything extraordinary. They just had the loudest mouths of the season. It wasn't that they're bad guys.

What was the hardest leg of the race?
For me it was the hay bales. I was out there for three-and-a-half hours and unrolled about 50 of those things, and out of 186 there were only seven flags, so we were not really working with much.
Cheyne: For the me the worst thing was the golem. That thing was really, really heavy, and we had to go over some cobblestone streets in Prague. That was tough.

Was Dubai the most important leg for you guys?
Meghan: Dubai was definitely the turning point. We were able to gain confidence and run two legs of the race completely on our own without seeing other teams. It was a turning point because we were confident that we could do this thing and win.

Will you spend the prize money on a wedding?
Cheyne: Well, you're going to have to watch Jimmy Fallon's show tonight. You might find out the answer. No, no, we're not going to waste [the money] on the wedding—we're really going to invest it wisely.
Meghan: We're definitely—somewhere along the line—going to get married, and it'll be nice to use a chunk of that money for the wedding, but we're going to try to save as much as we can and be smart about this.

Do you think Cheyne and Meghan were worthy winners of The Amazing Race? And is TAR still your favoritest reality show ever?


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