Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie

Dominique Charriau/WI/

"No, no. They're already big deals."

Clint Eastwood on whether he makes major movie stars, like Angelina Jolie or Matt Damon, go through tough auditions for parts in his movies.

Like Clint's son Scott told us, his pop was hardly easy on him just because they're blood related. Mini Eastwood was put through the ringer when trying to get a part in his dad's movie Invictus.

It's not unusual for A-List actors to get handout roles, after all, Angie and Matt have already established themselves in the acting world.

But we would be interested to see, say, Jolie have to battle it out for a part with a valid opponent...

No, not with obvious candidate Jennifer Aniston (Angelina would kick Jen's ass), but with someone like Megan Fox—aka the younger Angie.

Wonder which version would win? We think it's pretty clear, still.


Megan Fox has many moods. Is she a more versatile actress than Jolie?

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