Jon Gosselin, Kate Major, Michael Lohan

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Jon Gosselin has apparently retired from note writing (spell-checkers everywhere can exhale) and decided to let his lawyer do the heavy lifting when it comes to fighting his myriad battles.

Attorney Mark Heller is going on the offensive after former Gosselin BFFs Michael Lohan and Kate Major apparently sold out the former reality-TV dad during depositions last week in Gosselin and TLC's dueling civil suits.

Lohan told reporters that he felt "stabbed in back" by Gosselin for backing out of and then denying some potential business deals.

Heller says that Gosselin barely even knew Lohan and suggests that Lindsay's paternal unit may have been using the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star for publicity. (Really?)

"I think it's regrettable that Michael Lohan is publicly discussing his relationship with Jon,” Heller says. "Jon really doesn't want to dignify anything that Mr. Lohan is addressing in the media. I think it's very clear that Jon did not enter into any legal arrangement with Mr. Lohan and has done nothing of a negative nature in his dealings with Mr. Lohan...I think he only knew Mr. Lohan for under a week."

But Heller saves his biggest diss for a certain former Star magazine reporter...

"Kate Major has basically used Jon Gosselin as her Obama stimulus package," he says. "Every time she runs low on funds, she comes up with another story to sell somebody."

Major maintains that Gosselin reneged on legally binding agreements they made for her to be his assistant.

Lohan and Major are the only two people who have been deposed so far. This Thursday, Gosselin and TLC will be in court to hash out the contract dispute. Heller says Gosselin "feels extremely optimistic" about the case.

The cable net claims Gosselin is on the hook for millions of dollars by renegging on an exclusivity clause in his Jon & Kate contract by trying to lock up deals on the side. Gosselin has his own grievances, ranging from supposed indentured servitude for him and his family to TLC causing harm to his reputation.


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