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Nepotism is alive and kickin' in Hollywood, big-time, but sometimes just because you have a famous last name doesn't mean you get everything for free—like parts in your celebrity mom or dad's movie, for ince.

So which famous movie star has a son or daughter who has to actually work, hustle and jump through exhausting hoops for even a small acting gig? The news is just so shocking it makes us respect the 'rent in a new way, that's for sure.

Guess the Gossip, Dec. 7, 2009
Which celeb parent doesn't give genetic handouts?
Scott Eastwood

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Clint Eastwood!

Clint's über-delicious son Scott Eastwood is appearing in his dad's new flick, Invictus, alongside Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman. Not a bad way to get your movie career going, huh?

Sure, having Eastwood attached to your name would seem like a slam-dunk thing in Hollywood when it comes to landing parts, but Scott (who, by the way, had a bit part in Gran Torino, in which Papa Clint spewed at Scott that he was a "p--sy," hilarious stuff) says no way.

He insists his dad is no easy sell.

"If anything, he's tougher on me because he doesn't want anyone to think there are handouts in this business," Scott told us at the Beverly Hills premiere last week. "He made me audition a lot of times for [the part] and made sure I could really do this role like he's done with the past movies. He wouldn't let me play that role if I wasn't right for it or one of the best for it."

Indeed, when trying to get into the movie business, in general, Scott tells us, "It's a blessing and a curse" to have such a famous father.

Nepotism is hardly going anywhere, trust, but it's refreshing to see that Clint is as tough on his son as he is to other struggling actors. Doubt every famous dad is as discerning.

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