Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, Invictus

Warner Bros. Pictures

"It certainly will help do that. I haven't seen the film, so I'm talking based on what people have told me. It's very inspirational."

Morgan Freeman telling us at the Invictus premiere last week how this film will restore our faith in humankind, particularly in light of the increasingly lurid Tiger-gate.

With all of the recent rumored cheating scandals Tiger Woods to Josh Duhamel, it's hard to remember that there are some great things that can come out of movies.

Morgan agreed that this flick is coming at a perfect time to shift focus from the personal lives of, say, scandalous athletes and celebrate an actual sport and inspiring story. We're screening the movie tonight, it's supposed to be fab.

Since Clint got snubbed last year at the Oscar's, this very well could be his baby for the upcoming award season—and some possible competition for George Clooney and Up In the Air, which is supposed to sweep everything (at least that's what we're hearing now).


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