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At last night's Beverly Hills premiere of Invictus, Clint Eastwood's Oscar contender staring Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman, things still somehow became about Brangelina. Gosh, what a shocker, huh?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie showed up with their cutie son Maddox. Not wanting to totally upstage, they didn't do the red carpet, so the gorgeous fam just went inside to support their pals.

Now, we love us some glitzy Brange as much as the next star-struck folk, but we adore Damon more, sorry. He's a totally down-to-earth sweetheart, but somehow he gets overlooked by the gossip-craving public. Why the hell is that?

Humpy Matt told us why he's glad he's not Brad or BFF George...

"I think I'm pretty lucky, yeah," said Matt, who's still bulked up from the rugby star role (damn, sure hope he keeps it up, as pudgy Matty sure ain't our fave look for the hot dude).

Damon, with his adorable smile and dimples, elaborated on just how it is he manages not to be a tabloid sensation, quite unlike his equally gorgeous boy posse:

"I think it's a lot of luck and, you know, I'm married to a normal person. Well not normal person, civilian I should say. That really does help."

Was that a diss to Luciana, who was dressed pretty hot in a quasi temptress wifey gown? Nah. Regardless, it is indeed true: The reason Brad and Angie are so hounded is because two megacelebs are always better than one. It doubles their goss wealth by magazine standards. Hugely.

Still, Matt's best buddy, George Clooney, dates randoms, and he doesn't escape the tabs' thirst for anything even the slightest bit relevant to his personal life.

"Those magazines, they sell sex and scandal," Matt spilled. "If you're narrative is a little more boring, like mine, they kind of leave you alone."

Guess it also helps Matt really is a normal celeb, if there even is such a thing? Plus, he doesn't live in the black hole of debauchery that is Los Angeles—or even New York. Big help.

True to domestic form, Damon always keeps it low-key, happily posting up in Florida with Luciana and the kids. A family man to his core. Who knew Ben Affleck's onetime partner in Bostonian debauchery had it in him?

Come visit more often, Matt!


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