Last night, Paris Hilton put on her best Santa costume and went out to promote her new fragrance, Siren, at Macy's Glendale Galleria. We all wear Santa costumes out in public during the weeks leading up to Christmas, right? Good. Just checking.

Paris explained her creative process when developing fragrances, of which there are nine. It all starts with a word she likes, then they come up with a scent followed by a photo shoot. So for example, with this latest scent, Paris liked the word siren, someone mixed together some feminine fruity smells and then a mermaid ad followed. Like Paris tweeted, "Mermaids Rock!" Fact.

Discussing her holiday plans, Paris says she'll probably go to Aspen to ski then somewhere warm like Maui or Australia and then "we'll see what happens" about a holiday proposal from boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. Other than that, she's not asking for any specific presents, just family time.

"I just really want to spend time with my family because I've been working and traveling so much," she says. "So I love just to be able to see them. Spend time and have great meals." And wear lots of Santa costumes, of course.

—Reporting by Lindsay Miller


As we're all well aware, to be a famous person you have to have a fragrance. Check who else is pimping scents in our Smells Like Celebrity gallery.

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