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In case you haven't heard, after this Wednesday's episode of Glee, we won't get another new episode until April 13--yes, more than four months away!

We've heard about waterboarding and sleep deprivation, but this just seems an unusually cruel form of torture.

So to tide us over, the producers have to be planning something crazy good for the "fall finale," right?

Indeed. ‘Cause Cory Monteith (Finn) just told us something he probably shouldn't have. Read at your own risk…

When asked what his favorite song is in this Wednesday's fall finale, Cory tells us flatly: "You'll have to wait and see."

And when asked if Finn finds out Quinn's huge secret, that Puck is actually the father of her baby, Cory answers: "Yes, he does."


Perhaps Cory got his memos crossed about which question he was and wasn't supposed to answer? Regardless, we'll take it! ‘Cause this is most assuredly good news for any and all fans rooting for a Finn/Rachel hook up (not to mention anyone who can no longer stand watching dumb-as-dirt Finn keep believing his baby was conceived by kissing in a hot tub). Just like Terri's foam-rubber bomb the week before, the outing of this secret has been a long time coming.

And surprise, surprise, Cory says he's rooting for Rachel and Finn. When asked which guy is better for Rachel—Puck or Finn—Cory says with a laugh, "C'mon! You know what I'm going to say to that. Finn, obviously! You never know though. You never know which way it's going to go. I think maybe Rachel and Finn are meant to be together, but I don't know if they will be together."

Mark Salling (Puck) is hoping Puck ends up with Rachel because "The PuckleBerry fans are rabid!" True 'dat.

[By the way, Cory and Mark also set some rumors straight on their real-life love lives. Read that here .]

So what about poor, lonely and ever-ballooning Quinn (Dianna Agron)? Who should she be with? "Mr. Schuester," Cory says. "That's what I think. I think there's gotta be a red herring in there somewhere."

Minor problem: She's a minor! But maybe Quinn will discover her baby daddy is a pretty good option after all...

Who are you rooting for in the season finale? Anything else you can't wait five more months to see? Hit the comments.


Get the scoop on Glee's real-life romances!

--Reporting by Breanne Heldman

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