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Dear Ted:
I was reading an article where Rupert Everett basically said that gay actors can either come out of the closet or have a successful career, but not both. Do you agree?
Amanda F., NYC

Dear Pessimistic Rupert:
Depends how you judge successful career. Neil Patrick Harris is a well-respected actor, but will he ever be up for the blockbuster superhero guy-gets-girl parts? Probably not. If you want to be a heartthrob, you're not gonna come out of the closet. But, I think how Ellen DeGeneres is showing how to become a major celebrity powerhouse and still have your lesbian wife, too, is a lesson not to be ignored. Can guys do it, too? Most of 'em don't have the balls to even try, sorry to say.

Dear Ted:
You've caused a little uproar with some of your readers and posters by putting Rob in the "bachelors list," especially next to the likes of George Clooney (no dig at him) and John Mayer. You know you've always sort of led Robsten believers down a certain, let's just say, extra committed Robsten path. Do you have anything to say about all of this? I'm giving you a chance to cryptically set so many people straight. Take it! Love ya, Ted.

Dear Take a Chill Pill:
The only thing I lead readers to believe is that Robsten is very much together...and happily together at that. If there's no ring on it, then you're still a bachelor!

Dear Ted:
Reading your column, it sounds like Jennifer Aniston has some skeletons, errr, secrets in her closet. I've always been a big Friends fan, so I loved the reported "best friendship" between Jen and Courteney Cox. Is Jen just darker, sneakier, and dirtier in her relationships with men, or is the Courteney/Jen BFF ship not what meets the eye? I know Jen is Courteney's daughter's godmother.

Dear No Longer Friends:
These two are still good friends, why wouldn't they be? Oh wait, maybe Jen's sappy annoying stories about her love life drives Court crazy. Nah, they get equal bitch time.

Dear Ted:
If you actually answered me I'd s--t in my pants. What on earth are you trying to pull? Rob Pattinson a confirmed bachelor? I will say this—you cleverly know how to keep everybody's panties in a knot. You haven't been following Robsten for 8 months like for bulldog for nothing. Those two are at least engaged. I'd bet my mother's brokerage acct on it and that is saying something.

Dear Panties Bunched!:
Jeez, Brad friggin' Pitt was on that list, too, and he's in a committed relationship.

Dear Ted:
Have you ever thought that Summit withholding a Breaking Dawn announcement is more marketing driven? They have New Moon in the bank, and they have the fans and media waiting with bated breath for the next "official" Twi news. Could they just be dangling a little longer to drag out attention and press, and in doing so, hype the whole thing even more? Or do you really think they still have a lot of kinks to work out?

Dear No Twi Overload:
I think it could be a bit of both, but I can def see Summit being little teases.

Dear Ted:
I've always wondered about my favorite quarterback and my favorite model: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. How are they? Any dirt on these two or are they as happy and committed as they seem. The circumstances they got together under, and the timing, were always somewhat controversial but I always thought Bridget Moynahan milked the "single abandoned doing-it-on-my-own" mom thing for all it was worth. I'm sure she was real poor and neglected through that process. What's the dirt on the whole thing, and the couple called Bradchen, if I may?

Dear Perf Couple:
Not as much dirt as you'd think (or like). They're kinda perfect together when you think about it. Tom isn't gonna pull a Tiger.

Dear Ted:
Aloha Ted, I am a longtime fan back from the "Fishstick" days. Just wondering what your take is on Rupert Everet's statement that gay actors should remain in the closet for the sakes of their careers? I'm sure Toothy agrees! Keep up the great work.

Dear Bitter Actors:
It's unfortunately their choice when and if they want to come out. Rupert's probably just bitter that his career didn't lead him to an Oscar nom...but unfortunately there's some truth behind it.

Dear Ted:
Woo, The Runaways is going to Sundance as a non competition entry! Woo this is going to be huge for Kristen Stewart.

Dear K.Stew Moves on up:
Not that she needs anymore media attention already, but yup, good for Kristen! I'm interested to see her play someone other than poor 'ol Bella. Team Awful will be there, too, natch.

Dear Ted:
I've never guessed a BV before, but I'm gonna take a stab: is Jude Law Nevis Divine? Also, totally agree with you on Zac Efron. Saw him in 17 Again (I know, I was a discount theater and the only thing playing), and was kind of impressed by him. He's not just a pretty boy, he's got charisma! I'd imagine he can have a long career with proper management (whatever that is). Also think his new coiffure helps him look more mature.

Dear Bye Younger Years:
Don't be ashamed, Taryn actually owns 17 Again. It's good! As for Jude Law, that's a terrific guess for ND. But Nevis is more Divine than Jude currently is right now.

Dear Ted:
After hearing about Nicole Richie and her new show, I wondered about her relationship with Paris Hilton. Then your article came out on Paris and Nicole not being friends. So, any scoop on why? Unlike the comments, I am curious about these two. Was it the break up of Paris and bro Benji Madden? Anything else?

Dear Frenemies:
No, Nicole hated that Paris was crawling all over Benji when that was happening. She's also trying to be more "mama serious" in her aspirations than eternal partier Paris, which I get, but, come on, already: Nic's in danger of becoming the new Jen Garner, and we can't have that, can we?

Dear Ted:
Can you please create a Blind Vice about David Boreanaz? And not a repeat of his recent faux-pas. What I'm hoping to find out is about DB/ED.

Dear BV Suggestions:
I'll think about it. He's already been one.

Dear Ted:
I'm a huge Twilight fan, but the movies weren't that great. Yes New Moon was a lot better than Twilight but not the best movie I've seen. I hope Summit doesn't mess Breaking Dawn up because that is one complicated book. I think there is one person who can save this Twilight mess and it's Tim Burton. Seriously, this guy is a genius and he's the only director I can think of that can actually turn one of the Twilight films good. Have you seen Alice in Wonderland's trailer?

Dear Burton's the Best:
You know, that's not such a bad idea...although Burton would make the movies more cartoon-like and not something real that we can relate to. But I like where your creative head is at. I think the problem's Melissa Rosenberg, tho. Hire Diablo Cody pronto!

Dear Ted:
Who are some of your favorite fashionistas? I really like Emma Watson, Rachel Bilson, Kate Winslet, and Gwen Stefani. Kristen Stewart also has worn some interesting dresses for the New Moon press tour. They all have awesome fashion sense at the red carpet.

Dear Fashion Diva:
I'd have to say Rihanna is up there on my list with all her interesting yet fashionable style. I'm a fan of Sienna Miller's style. Much more than I am of her. 

Dear Ted:
Ted, what is wrong with not wanting to get married? So what if Clooney plays the field. He doesn't seem to pick women who want to be Polly Homemaker. Some people know that marriage is not right for them—it doesn't matter if they are straight, gay, bi, or a green alien. Why force them to make a commitment for the sake of the media and the fans? I applaud Clooney. If the right woman ever came along for him or others maybe yes, they'd take the plunge. Or look at Warren Beatty. Played the field for years and when he decided he was old and didn't want to deal with the field any longer he married Annette Bening. Now in my mind if there ever was a fool, it was her.
-A Chicago Single and Proud of it

Dear Brash Decisions:
Hey I'm all for the bachelor playboys. Better they don't tie the knot, then do it for the wrong reasons and become the next Tiger Woods


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