Jesse McCartney, Hayden Panettiere

Theo Wargo/Getty Images; AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Hayden Panettiere appears to have moved on from her hottie Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia and downgraded to singer Jesse McCartney

Actually, Hayden has her secrets (she is a Blind Vice Superstar, after all), so these two are kind of an even match! 

The two are close friends and have been spotted out together, but our source tells E! that on Wednesday night, the two were definitely acting like a couple at Hollywood hotspot Wonderland...

"He was already there with three guy friends, and when she got there, she walked directly to his table," says the partygoer. "They hugged and he kissed her on the cheek. They're definitely together. They were flirting and he was sitting on the couch between her legs while she sat on top of the couch." 

Don't get too comfortable, Hay! We're told things took a turn for the worse when club promoters began bringing pretty girls over to the table for McCartney's friends. 

"At one point you could see that they were arguing about something," the source tells E! "She just looked at him and gave him the crazy eyes, like 'I can't believe you're talking to these girls.' He was polite, though, and after saying 'hi' to the girls, went directly back to talking to her." 

After storming off for a hot sec, Hay got over it and went back to dance on the couch at J's table. 

But these two aren't ready to announce their possible relaysh just yet. Would anyone care anyways? When it was time to leave party No. 1, they left separately, both hiding their faces from waiting paparazzi. 

"He left before her, and had his hood on his head as he walked into an Escalade," says our source. "Then the club closed and she didn't want to leave. She kept saying she didn't want to go outside because of the paps. She wanted to go out the back door, but it was bolted." 

The club tried to protect the lil' diva, even asking for our source to pose as a decoy for the starlet. 

"A security guard came over to me and asked if I would be willing to put my fedora over my face and walk into her car to trick the paps," says our source. "I felt uncomfortable and I didn't do it. She ended up having to go out and she put her hood on her head and left with a bunch of security." 

For the record, Panettiere's rep says "They are just friends," while McCartney's rep tells E! "We don't comment on our clients' personal lives." 

Except when it's good "personal-life" scuttle-butt, like kids, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, sheesh, these people should come up with a new line, already. 

Additional Reporting by Taryn Ryder


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