Jaimee Grubbs, Rachel Uchitel, Kalika Moquin

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How did Tiger Woods allegedly keep track of so many alleged mistresses? We're finding it to be quite the chore to keep track of which cocktail waitress is denying what and who's sexting who.

So here is a handy cheat (ha!) sheet of the alleged Tiger ladies. And who knows how many more will come out as the day goes on, so keep refreshing!

Rachel Uchitel

AP Photo/David Zentz

Name: Rachel Uchitel
Age: 34
Occupation: New York Club Manager
Official Statement: "I did not have any involvement with him."

This was the first of Tiger's girls to make headlines. RadarOnline reports the two had a five-month relationship, but she denies everything. She also claims she doesn't want attention, which is why she flew to Los Angeles, hired attorney to the fame whores Gloria Allred and announced she would hold a press conference to discuss her relationship with Tiger. She has since canceled the press conference and RadarOnline says she was paid $1 million to do so, which seems like nothing when you see how much Elin Nordegren is reportedly paid to remain Tiger's trophy wife. The last time Tiger and Rachel allegedly saw each other was in November when he flew her out to be with him in Australia. Here are five other things to know about her.

Jaimee Grubbs

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Name: Jaimee Grubbs
Age: 24
Occupation: Los Angeles Cocktail Waitress, VH1 Reality Star
Official Statement: Says the two have had 20 sexual encounters over a 31-month period beginning in April 2007

So far, Jaimee is the only one to own up to an affair with the golf superstar. Apparently, she was always bragging to friends about the X-rated texts Tiger would send her. In order to properly sext Grubbs, he would often change his phone number. This is a picture of her with an iPhone meaning she's definitely telling the truth. She tells Us Weekly Tiger was very insecure about his small calves, which is a strange piece of information to pass on.

Kalika Moquin


Name: Kalika Moquin
Age: 27
Occupation: Marketing Manager of the Bank in Las Vegas
Official Statement: Rumors are "completely untrue."

Sources told our Hollywood Party Girl that Tiger and Kalika have known each other for three years and "hooked up a handful of times", the last time being Oct. 23. A source says that she's keeping mum so she doesn't risk losing her job.


Here's a handy gallery of more fun facts about Tiger's alleged lady friends.

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