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The world of ABC's Private Practice is supposed to be different from the world of Grey's Anatomy. Seattle Grace is about high-powered fancy-hospital medicine, while Oceanside Wellness allegedly takes a more integrative, holistic approach.

So why the heck are the Private Practice characters even more screwed up than the ones on Grey's Anatomy? You would think that the combination of Oceanside's low-pressure environment, the SoCal sunshine and Pete's aromatherapy would result in a bunch of happy, relaxed doctors who deal with their problems in a responsible, sensitive manner, but no such luck.

Want to see some of the craziness for yourself? Well, you're in luck, because tonight the series is putting together a two-hour fiesta of explosions, fight scenes and general hysteria. What's going down and why should you watch, especially if you don't usually make room for Private Practice on your Thursday-night schedule? Here's what supersexy stars Taye Diggs and Chris Lowell are spilling about the plot-twist extravaganza:

If you've been looking for a chance to worry about apple-cheeked midwife Dell, now would be a good time to start. Lowell tells us that sweet little Dell is in big trouble: "I think what we're gonna see is that [Dell remarrying Heather] was a big mistake. It was one of those things I remember when it was revealed that Dell married Heather, it was like 'What the hell?' I think Dell is sort of this character on the show who is known for his positivity and his idealism and his sort of wishful thinking and all of it sort of comes crashing down after episode 10, at least it sort of shakes the ground that he stands upon."

You might want to brace yourselves, because tonight's episode, which focuses on the aftermath of an explosion at Dell's house that injures his wife, Heather, and daughter, Betsy, is just the beginning of a major downward spiral for Dell. Lowell says, "He's definitely unraveling. There's a lot that's going to change as a result of the decisions that he's made this season and towards the end of last season. A lot of these decisions weren't made with any negative mindset, he always tries to do the right thing, but I think he's sort of starting to realize the consequences of best-laid plans." Dude, you've got to find a way to ditch the junkie wife!

BTW, Dell's problem's don't happen in isolation. As Diggs tells us, "Once that situation happens with him [Dell], it's interesting seeing how it affects all the other members of the practice. We all want to be there for each other, but then at the same time, that one member is under so much stress that he or she starts acting out and that affects everybody in a different way. It's a family drama."

Speaking of family dramas, former couple Sam and Naomi are having some big problems of their own. Their daughter, Maya, is unraveling a little bit herself, going from total good girl to "bad" girl who wants to have sexual intercourse. According to Taye Diggs, Maya's parents cope with this is wildly different ways. Translation: Sam is going to be good cop to Naomi's freaked-out bad cop. As Taye tells us, "[Sam and Naomi] have been lucky in that we're both kind of conservative, and for the most part we kind of play by the rules, and we haven't had any issues to this point, and we haven't had any challenges. Our daughter is sent on a path similar to the one I would assume Naomi was on when she was younger and when something threatens to get in the way of that, the crap hits the fan."

But don't expect that this crisis means a reunion for the divorced couple. According to Diggs, "I think that what's happening with our daughter is bringing us together, allowing us to get to know each other on a different level with this familial crisis that is happening with our daughter, but I don't think we're getting back together anytime soon."

Do you think Dell's "unraveling" is the beginning of the end for Chris Lowell's character on Private Practice? And what do you want to see happen for Sam and Naomi? Are you OK with them apart, or do you secretly hope for Daddy and Mommy to get back together? Hit the comments!


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