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"I call it 'The Reckoning.' "

This is what Jessalyn Gilsig tells us about tonight's episode of Glee, in which "it all blows up."

Jessalyn, of course, flawlessly plays Will's (Matthew Morrison) hilariously flawed wife, Terri, who has been harboring a crazy secret all season long: That "baby bump" she's rocking is actually of the Styrofoam variety.

And tonight, it all comes to a head. (The secret, not the baby, that is.)

So are Will and Terri doomed? And does this mean Jessalyn will leave the show? Here's the scoop...

Get Ready to Get Weepy: According to Jessalyn, tonight's episode, in which Will and Terri "have it out" is pretty heart-wrenching. "It's sad; it's so, so sad," she tells me. "It was sad to shoot it, we were so invested. I was in so deep. But [executive producer] Ryan [Murphy]'s just so smart. Because just when you're like, 'Oh come on, really?' Then he's like, 'All right, let's put our foot back on Earth, and this is what would really go down.'"

Will Shue Isn't a Total Dumbass After All: Terri might be the best pillow-fort-maker ever in their marital bed, but at a certain point, you have to ask: How could hubby Will not catch on that she's faking her pregnancy? "I think people have been asking 'How slow is this guy?!' " Jessalyn muses. "But [tonight] Will finally reflects that he is a fully evolved human being and puts two and two together."

Terri Could Leave the Show "Any Time": If Will and Terri were to split, where would that leave Jessalyn? Would they find other ways to incorporate her into the show? Jessalyn says she hasn't yet been told how long Terri will be sticking around.

"I get each script and check to see if I'm still in it, and then maybe I pay some bills," Jessalyn says with a laugh. "You never know about your longevity on a show. When Terry was created, she was created obviously to be an obstacle between Emma [Jayma Mays] and Will. They needed an obstacle, otherwise there's no show. What's been fun about it is that she's managed to emerge as a character unto herself with her own complexities."

The good news is we will definitely see Jessalyn again when the show returns in April. "We go back in January," she tells me, "and I'll be back with them in January, so keep hope alive that Terri will stick around. I'll hang in there as long as I can. Poor Terri. Maybe I'll replace the principal. Maybe I'll be vice principal. Hmmm..."

Don't Give Up on Terri and Will Just Yet: "Emma and Will are adorable together," Jessalyn admits. "That's been clear from the start. But I [still believe in Terri and Will]. I totally do, because I think that she really loves him. People do crazy things out of deep, deep insecurity.  She's obviously flawed, but I think she has love in her heart."

Are you rooting for Will and Terri? Will and Emma? None of the above? Anyone else hoping Jessalyn stays on this show until the very end? Hit the comments.


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