George Clooney

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"Drinking. Just drink!"

—The very classy George Clooney when we asked him how he keeps getting hotter with age.

We hit the Up in the Air premiere in Westwood last night and were thrilled to discover that George could still pull off that delicious graying look in person. Seriously, it's so unfair that guys in Hollywood get better looking the older they get, when women just let less work (or more work...on their faces).

Mr. C was accompanied by his girlfriend of the moment, Elisabetta Canalis, and if you ask us that's the trick to George staying youthful.

Think he agrees?

"Exactly! Yes!" he says, cracking up. "That, too."

Love us a good-lookin' man who can have a good time on the carpet. George is definitely one of the more fun actors you can come across at this stuff. Clooney will pretty much give you an answer to anything you ask, it will just most likely be in joking fashion the more ridiculous it is.

He dodged marriage and relationship questions last night like the pro he is, but Elisabetta hardly went unnoticed.

She posed for pictures with her man when they arrived together first out of the cast, but then hightailed it inside the theater, looking Cindy Crawford-esque in an all-black pantsuit.

Maybe because the real Crawford was only a few cars behind her? We wouldn't want to be photographed next to her, either!

Elisabetta sure wasn't camera shy around Mrs. Clooney, though. She posed for pics with George's mom, so maybe things are getting superserious between the two after all?

Nah, we still doubt it.

Think Elisabetta will last? Look at The Women of George Clooney and judge for yourself!

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