sMothered's Laurie Smells Her Daughter Sarah's Baby Teeth and Proclaims They Smell Like a Newborn

Exclusive! This sMothered duo is as close as can be, including regular viewings—and smelling—of baby teeth.
By Chris Harnick Jun 19, 2020 3:01 PMTags
sMothered Season 2 Cast Revealed

Yep, her baby teeth.

"They sit in a drawer right next to my bed so I can look at them any time I want," Laurie says.


Sarah, who is surprised the teeth have traveled along with her mother all these years, says her mom keeping them makes her feel special. "It's nice to know that another person has that deep appreciation for me. I told Miguel he doesn't treat me as special as you. He's like, ‘I need an example.' I was like, ‘Well, my mom even has my baby teeth. You don't have anything.' I used it against him," Sarah tells her mom.

In the clip above, Laurie smells the teeth.

"Just like a newborn baby smell," she says.

The teeth are a reminder of Sarah's childhood, Laurie says. Memories she doesn't want to let go off.

The duo is a new addition to the show for season two. Sarah does most of the motherly duties and is anxious over her mother's declining health. Laurie just wants her daughter and Miguel to get married while she can still plan and attend the nuptials.

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sMothered airs Sundays, 10 p.m. on TLC.