Antoni Porowski Reveals What Excites Him Most About Queer Eye Season 5

By Alyssa Ray May 15, 2020 6:16 PMTags

Queer Eye season five is dropping on Netflix in three weeks! Can you believe?

On Thursday, Netflix confirmed that the Fab Five—including Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness—will be back with new episodes on Friday, June 5. This time viewers will watch as the dynamic fivesome bring their various expertise to Philadelphia.

Thankfully, the announcement dropped ahead of E! News co-host Scott Tweedie's Instagram series, HappE! Hour. Thus, guest Antoni was able to tease a little about the upcoming new season.

"I literally found out about it just before everyone else did! They don't tell us anything," Queer Eye's food expert told E!. "I have a theory that they tell the other four boys before me, because I'm really bad at keeping secrets. I always get in trouble about saying things I'm not supposed to be saying. So, I feel like they knew way before I did."

Before you get excited for spoilers, the Netflix star made it clear that he hasn't seen any of the episodes.

Nonetheless, Antoni said he and his co-stars are "super excited" about the Philadelphia-based season. Not only was Philly "a great city to film in," according Antoni, but he also feels that the season five release "couldn't come at a better time."

Inside the Love Lives of Queer Eye's Fab Five

Without giving too much away, Antoni teased that season five will go into the heart of downtown Philadelphia, showcasing the city's incredible diversity.

"When we were in Atlanta, it was a very cosmopolitan center, but we really filmed on the outskirts, in the smaller areas around. In Kansas City, also quite cosmopolitan, we were in the outskirts," he added. "With Philly, although we did go on the outskirts, we did a lot of proper downtown…sort of, showing that experience. And Philly's an incredibly diverse city."

After admitting he was "dancing around" in order to avoid giving any spoilers, he did mention that he was "very excited about my heritage for this season."

We couldn't be more excited for Queer Eye's June return! However, if you're itching for more Antoni and can't wait three weeks, we recommend tuning into his limited digital series for Netflix, Show Me What You're Working With.

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The cooking series, that originated on Antoni's personal social pages before becoming an official Netflix program, features the food expert as he creates recipes from ingredients in viewers' cupboards.

And it's safe to say that Antoni knows a thing or two about taking a simple recipe to the next level. He did make Gorton's Seafood sexy after all!

"So, we were working together and developing different recipes! Doing like a breakfast version with waffles and like these awesome fish cakes that are nice and spicy, that have a bit of corn in them and a bit of chili sauce and scallions," he said on his wild-caught Alaska Pollock collaboration with Gorton's Seafood. "It's fun working with a brand that's so iconic, at the same time, are taking social responsibility in kind of like, taking the next step forward in being sustainable."

What's your favorite Queer Eye moment? Be sure to let us know!