Moms text the darndest things. 

With Mother's Day just around the corner, Jimmy Kimmel enlisted his celebrity guests once again for the fan-favorite Jimmy Kimmel Live segment "Celebrities Read Texts from Their Moms #3," which featured some hilarious messages from the moms of stars including Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Arnett, Emily Blunt and more.

"Most moms, as we know, love to text, almost as much as they love to leave long voicemails," the late night host said. "So, over the past few months, before the virus drove us underground, we've been asking our celebrity guests to read real text messages from the women who brought them into this world, and the result is this: Mom Texts." 

Kicking things off was the Shakespeare in Love star, who received a series of texts from her indecisive mom Blythe Danner. "My mother and I are neighbors in long island, so sometimes I will get a text like this, ‘Can I come swim? My pool is 72 burrr. Don't have to eat. I have plenty. Actually, going for a walk. Maybe tomorrow. No, fine. I changed my mind. Didn't want to get wet.'"

Next up was the LEGO Masters host ."So, I texted my mom recently," Arnett began. "'What's up with you guys? And she replied, ‘We are watching The Crown what's up with you??,'" adding, "'We can utilize the pause button.' Oh, I forgot that you could utilize the pause button."

For Lakeith Stanfield, his mom text involved a bizarre offer. "'My home girl selling burritos let me know if you want one,'" the Get Out star's mom shared, along with a picture of someone making burritos. "'Lmao wtf,'" he responded. "'Hell nah! She makin them bitches on the fLO!!!!!?'"

Elle Fanning, on the other hand, received a concerning message from her mother urging her to be cautious when jumping into bodies of water. "'Just a reminder, don't ever ever dive into a swimming pool period or into an ocean or lake ever ever,'" the lengthy message began. "'No what what!!! You cannot rely on someone saying it's safe or thinking that it's deep enough. Oceans have sand bars that look deep, but really are up to your ankle. Just go in steps of scoot in on your bottom gently.'"

Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Arnett, Emily Blunt

Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Like the Super 8 star, Emily Blunt also got a long message. "'Dearest boop. Interesting day here. Was wielding a handheld small vacuum on the stairs yesterday. Missed my footing, fell backwards, vacuum whirled up and crashed onto my arm and then onto the whole floor,'" her mom wrote. "'I executed some sort of swivel halfway down the stairs and nearly followed it nose first but manages to clutch the bannisters. Thought my arm was broken but just badly bruised.'"

But perhaps the best mom text goes to Aidy Bryant, whose mom voiced her opinion on the Saturday Night Live sketch that took her daughter's place. "So, I had a sketch on SNL get cut for time and then when she saw what went in its place she texted me this: ‘That last sketch was ate shit.' That's a good mom."

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