JoJo Talks New Album & Shooting a "Very Sexy" Music Video From Home (With Her Mom's Help!)

By Allison Crist May 07, 2020 7:46 PMTags
Watch: JoJo Shot a Sexy Music Video in Quarantine

Quarantine hasn't been boring in the slightest for JoJo!

The songstress released her first new album since 2016 on May 1—Good to Know—and when she joined E!'s Scott Tweedie for HappE! Hour, she revealed that she's kept busy in her L.A. home by doing everything from shooting a music video to learning how to use professional music production software.

"...I had my friend, who's a director, come through— wearing a mask and everything—but like, this table that I'm talking to you on, we turned it into a surface for me to kind of crawl on and dance on and do all these things," JoJo said of the "Comeback" music video. "And my mom was, like, helping hold up the lighting and stuff."

The video—which just dropped today—isn't exactly G-rated, either! JoJo described it as "very sexy."

"So that was weird," she added. "But it was fun...my mom, she's no prude. So it's not like she was like 'oh my!' clutching pearls or anything."

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JoJo said that she was actually abstaining from sex while writing Good to Know, which makes the fact that many of its reviews have dubbed it an extremely "horny" album, hilarious for her. "Comeback" is still admittedly steamy, though!

"I guess some people are surprised to hear me talkin' that way," JoJo told Scott about the single, which also features Tory Lanez and 30 Roc. "But yeah, it's a fun song. You definitely need to add it to your sexy time playlist type of vibe."

The album itself, however, develops another layer when you realize that it's telling a story from beginning to end.

"I didn't intend on making it this way, but the way it shaped up was that the beginning of the album is me kind of wanting to escape myself, and, I don't know, chase sensation through different relationships. And just doing too much," she explained. "And then in the middle of the album, I realize that I need to be alone. I need to learn to love myself. I've never taken the time to do that. And then by the end, it's a place of strength and acceptance.

JoJo continued, "And it's not a perfect journey. It's not like straight-shot, self-love. It's a loop sometimes..."

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Her favorite tracks on Good to Know—or at least the songs she believes could be her biggest—are "Small Things" and "Don't Talk Me Down."

There's also the fun, upbeat "Pedialyte."

Yes, that Pedialyte.

"And that's about having a big night and being hungover the next day," JoJo said to Scott. "And that was really fun because we kind of channeled like an Irish pub vibe...just kind of yelling more than singing in the chorus."

JoJo obviously won't be able to hit the road to tour Good to Know until the coronavirus outbreak settles down, but by then, she may be able to incorporate a new element into her concerts: the piano.

"I have been sitting down every day and plugging away and learning some of my own songs," she explained. "I've just never really dedicated myself to it—I think because I was mad at myself for not having learned earlier. You know, sometimes you get in your own way and you just keep procrastinating on it."

Watch more of the conversation between JoJo and Scott in the above clips!