It was a run of the mill interview-in-isolation on Friday's edition of The Tonight Showwhen Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm were suddenly interrupted by the host's daughter, Winnie.

"Hi Daddy! Where's mom?" asked six-year-old Winnie Fallon as Jon attempted to explain the upcoming Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend interactive Netflix special.

"Uh, oh, special guest star!" Jon said with excitement.

"This is not a book, it's a coloring book," Winnie explained, before sharing a pretty pink pig and schooling the Mad Men star on farm animals.

Winnie then took control of the set, highlighting the differences between cows and lambs to the 49-year-old actor.

After Jon asked to see a duck, the two found common ground in their shared admiration for chicken. As Winnie exited the room yelling, her father clarified her outburst.

"She's not a chicken," Jimmy said. "It took homeschooling for her just to figure that out."

"We were nervous for a while," Jimmy continued. "We go, 'Maybe she might be a chicken.' You know what it was, it was a hypnotist at like a county fair."

"For sure," Jon answered. "That'll do it. Maybe you'll get one of those really talented chickens, that's good at tic-tac-toe or math or something, you never know."


Watch the video above for the full interview with Jon Hamm, including some information about his work with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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