The Botched Doctors Answer Your Burning Cosmetic Questions During Self-Isolation

By Alyssa Ray Apr 10, 2020 5:49 PMTags
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It's safe to say that doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif know a thing or two about plastic surgery.

Thus, it only made sense that we turned to the Botched doctors with all of our burning cosmetic questions. Obviously, since many are practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, fans of cosmetic procedures are unable to see their doctors as often as they'd like.

With this in mind, we reached out to doctors Dubrow and Nassif to weigh in on topics such as Botox, weight gain, diet and more. And, not only were the plastic surgeons' answers very important, they gave us a much-needed laugh.

So, for the doctors' cosmetic advice and more, be sure to scroll through their Q&A below. We promise, it's one you won't want to miss.

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Is there any danger to suddenly stopping routine cosmetic procedures like fillers or Botox?

Dubrow: "The only danger is the shock you may find in the mirror in three to four months time."

Nassif: "There's no danger to suddenly stopping fillers or Botox."

How noticeable is it if someone who routinely gets cosmetic maintenance suddenly stops for several months while in self-isolation?

Dubrow: "Could be a shock. Like, aging in fast forward."

Nassif: "If someone overdoes fillers or Botox, and many months have passed, they'll start looking more natural, like Dr. Dubrow. So, if anything I think it's a good thing."

By not getting Botox on time, is it going to ruin all the previous Botox efforts?

Dubrow: "No."

Nassif: "No, I think waiting an extra three or four months, even though some patients really like to get it every four months, and they feel like their body does better. But, in this situation, I think that missing it once is not going to be a big deal."


What can people do if they can't go for their usual Botox or filler touch ups—basically, how can you remain fresh, plumped and toned in the face?

Dubrow: "Lots of skincare can give you very similar results. Go to ShopHQ for my line, Consult Beaute."

Nassif: "Fresh, plump and toned in the face. That's what my skincare does. I'm going to say to use Nassif MD skincare, especially my new lip product that plumps with hydration and Hyaluronic acid. That's really going to give you that nice, plumped look. Skincare is what's going to help you look fresh, plumped, and toned. The biggest thing for me is going to be my hydro screen which volumizes the skin and gives you more fullness because of the Hyaluronic acid."

Is there anything natural we can do at home to tighten our faces or deter wrinkles in lieu of cosmetics for the time being?

Dubrow: "See above."

Nassif: "I'm just going to say my skincare. It's Leaping Bunny certified and vegan. I don't know of anything else natural, though."

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What over-the-counter beauty products would you recommend while people are unable to get cosmetic procedures?

Dubrow: "See above."

Nassif: "I don't recommend any."

What resources do you recommend for patients stressing about not being able to see their doctor(s)?

Dubrow: "Most doctors have telemedicine capabilities. It's always best to stay with the provider who is the most familiar with your medical history."

Nassif: "Everyone right now is doing telemedicine. Every doctor almost, including us seeing patients for post-ops, pre-ops, new consultations. So, patients shouldn't be stressed."

In regard to people worrying about gaining the "quarantine 15," how can quick weight gain effect recent cosmetic procedures (implants, fillers, etc.)?

Dubrow: "If you've had breast implants, and you like your breast size, weight gain can make your breasts significantly bigger than you'd like."

Nassif: "Well, if you gain 15 pounds for this quarantine 15, it's not really going to affect your face in regards to fillers or implants. However, you're going to get more volume, a bigger belly, more visceral fat and your face is going to look more full."

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What can people do to discourage snacking during this time?

Dubrow: "When you get 'peckish' instead of going to the kitchen for a snack, drink some water and do some activity that speeds up your heart rate (fast walk, jumping jacks, etc). That will allow that urge to pass."

Nassif: "It's okay to snack during this time, but as long as you're snacking on something healthy and not overdoing it. Almonds, almond butter, a half of an apple or even a banana. Just as long as you're eating something healthy and eating something every couple of hours is actually good for you."

Are there any natural products/food you'd recommend that's good for inflammation and/or the skin?

Dubrow: "Foods with antioxidants like leafy green vegetables—kale, broccoli, spirulina—and vitamin D and C supplements are very effective."


What's your go-to fitness routine as we self-isolate?

Dubrow: "I start with 45 min of resistance training and then do, at least, 20 to 30 min of cardio."

Nassif: "My go-to fitness routine right now is every day I'm weight lifting and doing cardio and that's what I'm doing at my home since I have a good amount of equipment. And, that's the thing that's keeping me sane is working out."

Which episodes of Botched do you think people should watch during this time at home?

Dubrow: "Nothing better than an 'edge of the bed' Botched marathon or all-new episodes, starting April 13 at 9 p.m."

Nassif: "Everybody out there should watch Botched. Every episode coming up on April 13th, especially when there's a lot of me in it."

A big thank you to doctors Dubrow and Nassif!

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