You've never heard Flo Rida's "My House" performed like this before. 

Alicia Keys sang her own version of the 2015 hit during Thursday's at-home edition of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. But instead of belting out the traditional lyrics, the artist changed the words to make the song about social distancing amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

For instance, instead of singing, "Sometimes you gotta stay in/And you know where I live/Yeah, you know what we is/Sometimes you gotta stay in, in," Keys sang, "Hand sanitizing/Social Distancing/To curve flatten/We gotta stay in, in."

And instead of crooning, "Welcome to my House/Baby take control now/We can't even slow down/We don't have to go out," she rocked out to, "You can't come to my house/We ain't gonna freak out/We'll get through it somehow/We don't have to go out."

In another chorus, Keys sang, "You can't come to my crib/Gotta defeat COVID/Now, I know what Zoom is/We just gotta stay in."

In addition to giving "My House" her own spin, Keys did an interview with Stephen Colbert. During the chat, the late-night host asked her about her decision to share her phone number via Twitter earlier this year. Keys said she's received "thousands and thousands of texts" from fans and will do everything from sending them a happy birthday message to performing a freestyle. She also described it as "such a personal thing."

"I love connecting with people," she continued. "And I think during this time, we need it more than ever."

She also shared her meditation tips, talked about her organization She Is the Music and spoke about her new book More Myself: A Journey. At one point, her son, Genesis, made a cute cameo, too.

To hear the song and her interview, check out the videos.

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