In need of a hug? How about six virtual ones in the shape of these real-life stories of love and positivity that will almost feel like a warm blanket being wrapped around you? 

In this week's Feel Good Friday round-up, we're presenting several stories about the true bond of family, including an act of inspiring sisterly love that will give you chills, and a unique daily practice a grandfather and granddaughter duo is doing to safely see each other every day as they continue to social distance amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 

But the Feel Goods aren't just reserved for families, as one teacher immediately stepped up in a major way when one of his students needed help with her homework, while a hospital staff came together in an inspiring way to show their appreciation and respect for one another as they continue to work tirelessly to help those impacted by COVID-19.

And we've also got a wine-delivering dog because...well, how can you resist a wine-delivering dog?

Here are six stories to help you start your weekend on a positive note. As always, take what you need...

Elderly husband colors wife's hair so she feel well groomed

Feel Good Grab


Grandfather and Granddaughter Dance-Off, Feel Good

Facebook/Sherrie Neely

Hospital Round of Applause

Josh Anderson, Sixth Grader, Math Teacher

Josh Anderson

Maryland Dog

Lori Yata/ Stone House Urban Winery

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