Charlotte Awbery, Lady Gaga, A Star Is Born

Facebook/Warner Bros

We're far from the shallow now!

A woman named Charlotte Awbery is going viral for her gorgeous rendition of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Oscar-winning song "Shallow," from A Star Is Born. Just days ago, video creator Kevin Freshwater to took Facebook to share a segment of "Finish the Lyrics." In the video, Kevin can be seen asking various people to finish the lyrics of popular songs.

At around the two-minute mark, Kevin approaches Charlotte in a subway station, asking her to complete the lyrics to "Shallow." After Charlotte shows off her powerful vocals, Kevin tells her she's "brilliant" and asks if she's a singer.

"Yeah," she replies, thanking him for the compliments.

Since going viral, fans have been leaving Charlotte supportive messages on her Instagram page.

"Your shallow cover was incredible!" one fan wrote. "Please do the whole song!"

While another commenter told Charlotte, "I saw a video of you singing Shallow! Love your voice."

According to her social media, Charlotte is a singer-songwriter who shows off her vocals in cover videos online. It was just last week that Charlotte posted a video of herself singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Watch the video above to take another look at Charlotte's stunning "Shallow" rendition! We're still waiting to see Gaga's response to this amazing cover.

And for more information about the song "Shallow," see what the songwriters shared with E! News in this interview!

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