The hate stops here. 

It's been a rough couple weeks for Jameela Jamil, but luckily she's got her boyfriend James Blake to keep her grounded. The Good Place actress was accused by writer and producer Tracie Egan Morrissey of having Munchausen. After posting a long Instagram Stories highlight about a series of illnesses Jameela has suffered from over the years, Tracie came to the conclusion that the actress wasn't being honest about some of her life stories. 

Jameela responded to the hate she was receiving online, and called Tracie an "unhinged idiot." Now, her longtime boyfriend and musician is coming to her defense in his own Twitter thread. "I would have spoken on this earlier but Jameela asked me not to. Please read," he wrote in a long post online. 

"It's pretty disgusting to watch the woman I love just be dog piled on every day for such ridiculous things," he shared. "She hasn't sold dangerous products to kids. She hasn't abused anyone. She hasn't funded anything dangerous or brought any deliberate harm to any marginalized group. She's just done her best as an ever learning human, as most of us are, to help other people with her privilege."

He continued, "She does this because she had such a difficult life. Because she doesn't want others to feel alone, gaslit, or ashamed the way she has. I am there for her swollen joints, her dislocations, her severe allergic reactions, her constant high fevers. I was there for her concussions, her three months of seizures when the doctor gave her the cancer diagnosis, and for all her operations and their complications due to EDS. I can feel the lumps in her back from the car accident and see all the scars. I am there when she turns down amazing job opportunities because of her health limitations. I actually live with her. Her being attractive, tall, and successful doesn't mean she hasn't been sick."

He went on to explain the exact ailments his girlfriend suffers from and urge others to stop their judgement of her.

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"Ehlers Danlos syndrome is a very real, very debilitating condition," he explained "More and more people are discovering they have it, but because it's vastly under-researched and the patients, as with most invisible disabilities, look well, people constantly doubt and mock those suffering. May none of us ever know the pain and frustration of that existence."

He ended by explaining that while she might be a world famous actress who plays a complicated character on television, they don't know her daily struggle. 

"A lot of you literally think she's Tahani from The Good Place. You don't know what her life is, and has been life," he shared. "But I do, and I'm not gonna stand by and let some total strangers try to push my girlfriend over the edge to what… stop her from helping kids with eating disorders? Stop removing mainstream shame of talking about mental health? ‘What are any of you even doing? And why are so many of you enjoying this? It's sick to watch, and I don't ever see men treated like this, the way we tear women limb from limb."

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