Finley Molloy


Something to smile about! 

There is nothing like a sweet story about a highly successful animal to brighten up your week. You've probably never heard of Finley Molloy, unless of course you're one of the dogs 29,000 followers on Instagram, but this dog is about to make history. The cute Golden Retriever just broke a huge record for fitting 6 Tennis Balls in his mouth. Talk about impressive! 

Finley broke the news himself on his Instagram page, sharing the big milestone with his followers. "Big news to share— our local paper decided to write an article on a good boy(aka me) and I was SUCH a good boy that I carried 6 tennis balls and my new friend Georgie got it on camera!!" The caption of the dogs big moment read. "@guinnessworldrecords I'm coming for you very VERY soon!" 

The 6-year-old golden retriever technically broke the record, which was previously five, and his owners couldn't be more thrilled to hopefully get official recognition soon. 

"The joy he brings to us is one thing," said his owner Cheri Molloy to Democrat & Chronicle. "But he brings joy to people all over the world." Finley lives in Canandaigua, Ontario County, with Cheri and Rob Molloy. Their daughter, Erin Molloy brought the young dog home when he was just 10-weeks-old. 

As for how Finley went from family pet to world record holder, well, after doing a bit of research Erin realized that her dog wasn't just special in his own right, but had a gift that was very rare. She soon contact the officials at Guinness World Records, who she's been speaking to over the course of a year. Although Finley hasn't been officially recognized at the record holder because of strict guidelines and submissions, the Molloy's are confident he will get his formal recognition soon. 

Until then, the very impressive dog is really enjoying his time in the spotlight, but it's nothing compared to the life of luxury he lives with his family. "He lives the life of a king," Cheri explained to the publication. "We've never forced him to do any of that."

We have a feeling 2020 is going to be your year, Finley! 

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