Ariana Madix Discusses Kristen's Role in Vanderpump Rules' Bachelorette Party Breakdown

By Emily Mae Czachor Jan 28, 2020 9:18 PMTags

Brittany Cartwright's bachelorette party will play out during tonight's new Vanderpump Rules, and due to an exclusive sneak peek video released several hours ago, fans know it ends with Jax Taylor's fiance in tears.

Cartwright's Vanderpump co-star Ariana Madix chats with Pop of the Morning about the emotional moment in this clip from today's show. As showcased by the reality series' chaotic preview, hysteria ensued at a Miami nightclub after its VIP hosts entered the crowd carrying a sign that read, "Don't do it, Brittany!" Cartwright wasn't bothered at first but broke down upon hearing Kristen Doute's negative response.

"That is so tacky and so rude. It wasn't f--king OK that they did that tonight," Kristen told her.

During Madix's appearance on POTM, she says the message "wasn't a dig at Britney," since the venue treats all brides-to-be with similar signage. She also assures audiences the bachelorette blowout was more than just the upset we've seen onscreen so far.

"I hope you guys see how much fun [Cartwright] actually did end up having at her party," the cocktail book author continues.

Here's Why Brittany Cartwright's Vanderpump Rules Bachelorette Party Ended in Tears

Sharing her thoughts on Doute's comments, Tom Sandoval's longtime partner explains feeling surprised about the behavior. "I was unaware that Kristen was…I didn't realize it was on that level," she recalls, wondering aloud "why" Kristen took the conversation to a combative place in the middle of Cartwright's celebration.

"Come on…it's a bachelorette party," Madix goes on. "You can't be, like, trying to talk about some drama."

In other pre-matrimony teasers, the POTM guest reveals Taylor's friends have "a surprise in store" for the groom-to-be that she thinks "everyone is going to find really entertaining." Until later, then!

Hear Madix's thoughts on her co-stars taking "girls trips" without her in the clip above. And, to see the bachelorette party drama in full, watch Vanderpump Rules' new episode tonight at 9 p.m. on Bravo.