What the Stars of Netflix's Cheer Are Up to Today

Find out what the stars of Netflix's hit docuseries Cheer are up to now, including Jerry, Morgan, Lexi and more

By Tierney Bricker Jan 21, 2020 8:00 PMTags
Cheer - NetflixCourtesy of Netflix

It's clear no one can get enough Cheer in their life these days. 

The documentary series—released on Netflix in early January—introduced binge-watchers to the competitive cheerleaders at Navarro College, an elite group that is determined to do whatever it takes to regain their top title at the NCA National Championships in Daytona. Viewers winced as they performed with broken ribs, laughed when they reenacted scenes from their favorite show (Bad Girls Club, of course), cried when the athletes revealed their traumatic life experiences and cheered when they finally made it on the mat and hit that damn pyramid.

 Even celebs like Reese Witherspoon, Chrissy Teigen, Dua Lipa and more were unable to resist the charm of Cheer's endearing stars. And some of the stars are even set to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Talk about going full-out!

But what are breakout stars like Jerry Harris, Morgan Simianer and Lexi Brumback up to since hitting Daytona in the final episode of the six-ep docuseries? 

What the Stars of Netflix's Cheer Are Up to Today

Find out who returned to Navarro for another shot at the title under beloved and legendary coach Monica Aldama, our new dream life coach, and which mega-star decided to leave Corsico behind. You can, you will, you must...check out what the Navarro cheerleaders from the 2019 squad are up to today...

Monica Aldama

Forget Coach Taylor! It's all about Coach Monica, the 14-time collegiate national champion, whose tough-love approach won the respect of her loyal cheerleaders, as well as binge-watchers everywhere as she guided the team to Daytona. 

Of course, Monica is still at Navarro, ready to lead the 2020 team to her 15th championship, and recently thanked viewers for their support after watching Cheer. "I am blown away by the love, support and encouraging words," she wrote on Instagram. "It is scary to put yourself out there for the whole world to judge in just 6 hours of time, so thank you for loving me through it all. I will forever be grateful."

In September 2019, Monica, who is married with two children (Austin, a football player at Southern Methodist University, and Ally, a cheerleader at Southern Methodist University), was inducted into the Navarro College Athletic Hall of Fame. 

Instagram followers: 200K

Jeremiah "Jerry" Harris

The heart and soul of the Navarro team and the king of mat talk, Jerry, 20, is the biggest breakout star from Cheer, winning people over with his heartbreaking backstory, positive attitude and perseverance to make mat. And it's no wonder people want to know how they can help Jerry, who lost his mom at the age of 16.

"Since CHEER came out, several people have reached out asking how they could help me. In response my cheer moms reactivated the Gofundme that they set up for me four years ago," he wrote on Instagram, linking to the page that is close to reaching its goal of $50,000 to help continue his education (he has two more years) and cheer career.

And don't worry, Jerry is still on the Navarro squad for the 2020 season, also cheering for the world champion Wildcats from Cheer Athletics after being awarded a $10,000 scholarship to study at the University of Louisville, posting a photo of himself in a Louisville cheer uniform in the fall of 2019.

"Back and better than ever," he captioned a pic back in a Navarro uniform on Jan. 11, adding he was ready "for round 3 with my family."

Instagram followers: 397K

Morgan Simianer

Morgan, 22, is ready to win her third consecutive championship as a Navarro flyer, making the tough decision to return for yet another semester with her mentor/role model Monica. One of the breakout stars of the six-ep docu-series, Morgan is dating minor league baseball player Brad Markey, and the couple spent  New Year's in New York City.

Instagram followers: 534K. 

La'Darius Marshall

Soon after winning big at Daytona, La'Darius, 21, became a world champion when his Cheer Athletics' Wildcats from Plano, Texas, won the Senior Open Large Co-Ed division at Cheer Worlds in April 2019, along with his roommate/BFF Jerry.

While Navarro is a two-year program and La'Darius appeared ready to move on from competitive cheerleading at the end of Cheer, coaching a young team and contemplating going into the military, the Bad Girls Club super-fan appeared to have a change of heart, revealing on Twitter he's back at Navarro "to give it one last ride with my favorite people of all time."

Instagram followers: 180K

Lexi Brumback

Rejoice, Cheer fans who were devastated to learn that the bleach-blonde star tumbler, who had a rough upbringing and endured a few scandals throughout filming, was kicked off the squad at the end of the documentary: Lexi is back and ready to make mat once again. "Honey, I'm home," Lexi captioned a photo of her back in the Navarro gym

Lexi is dating Dominic Green, referring to him as her "hubby" on her Insta, and is now a model for Rebel Athletics.

Instagram followers: 295K. 

Gabi Butler

One of the biggest names in cheerleading, recently taking the cover of Inside Cheerleading magazine solo, Gabi, 22, is one of the only main stars from Cheer to choose not to return to Navarro for the 2020 season after winning two championships. Gabi, who has her own popular YouTube channel, is currently cheering for Top Gun 005 in Florida, and still doesn't appear to be tagging the swimsuit line she started with her sister in her bikini photos on Instagram. After viewers expressed concerns over her parents' involvement in her career, Gabi posted a statement on Twitter defending them, writing, "Every time I have made money from a cheer opportunities it has gone into my own account...so please stop the negativity towards them."

She is reportedly dating Jordan Brooks-Wess, a college football player.

Instagram followers: 1 million

Allie Ross

The talented-but-anxious flyer is back in the Navarro uniform for the 2020 season for her second attempt at a championship, and wrote to a follower on Instagram that she hopes to continue cheering competitively for "a couple years."

Instagram followers: 74K.