Eddie Murphy, The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2019

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Eddie Murphy is a family man. If you don't believe that, just ask his 10 kids.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the comedy icon dished about his 10 children—who fall between the ages of 1 and 30—and the Coming To America sequel.

When his children came up in conversation, host Ellen DeGeneresasked how he feels about having so many. "Does it seem like a lot to you?" she wondered. "Or does it seem okay?" And of course, he loves it!

As Murphy revealed, "No, it seems okay." He did admit, however, that he gets a hilarious mix of reactions to that fact. "It's funny the reaction that the audience gives," he said. Then the Shrek alum gave examples of how people respond.

"Men kind of look at me like, 'He's crazy! How much did that sh*t cost?'" he quipped. When it comes to women, though. Murphy said they're much different.

As he joked, "And women, it's kind of like, there's something sexy about it, I think. 'Eddie Murphy must be doing his thing. Eddie Murphy be getting it in! He don't be bullsh*ttin'!'"

Murphy shares his 10 childrenEric, 30, Bria, 30, Christian, 29, Miles, 27, Shayne, 25, Zola, 19, Bella, 17, Angel, 12, Izzy, 3, and Max, 1, with fiancée Paige Butcher and exes Nicole Mitchell Murphy, the Spice Girls' Mel BPaulette McNeely and Tamara Hood Johnson. He also has one grandchild, as he shared with the host, so he clearly loves every minute of his very full house.

Another thing he loves is the Coming to America sequel!

The star confirmed the film has officially wrapped, and that he's more than pleased with the end result. "I couldn't be happier with how it turned out," he gushed to DeGeneres.

"A lot of people had this expectation," he continued. "People said to me when they found out I was making it, 'Don't f&*k that movie up! Don't mess with it!'"

Don't worry, Coming To America fans. Murphy assured, "We've gone above and beyond what anybody would think."

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