Jenna Dewan knows just a thing or two about dance. And now she's here to share her expertise with the world.

During an appearance on Wednesday's Watch What Happens Live, the World of Dance alum was asked by host Andy Cohenwhat her no. 1 pet peeve is when it comes to how pop stars dance. "When they walk in heels," the Gracefully You author said, explaining how she dislikes when performers stomp their feet when wearing heels. The pregnant actress even demonstrated the walk—and in heels, no less!

So, who does Dewan think is most guilty of this faux pas? Brace yourself: It's Beyoncé.

"Y'all are going to kill me, but back in the day, Beyoncé did that," she admitted. "But now, she walks, like, perfectly through her heels."

"But I remember back in the day," she continued, "I would always be like, ‘Why are you walking like that in heels?'"

Cue the gasps from the audience—and the Beyhive.

But, Dewan stressed that there was no shade here. In fact, she's a huge fan of Queen Bey, too. "The whole world is about to come for me right now," she joked. "Beyhive, I love Bey!"

While Dewan was quick to critique Beyonce's dance moves, she remained tight-lipped when it came to discussing her baby's gender.

A fan asked the star—who is expecting her first child with Steve Kazeeif she had secretly revealed that she's having a girl on Instagram, Dewan was quick to shoot down that rumor.

"I am keeping this a secret for myself," she explained. "That was not a gender reveal and I didn't even think about that."

Dewan did, however, share her due date. Baby Dewan-Kazee is expected to arrive in March 2020!

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