Grab Life by the Boobs With CoppaFeel!

By Taylor Stephan Oct 01, 2019 8:00 AMTags
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Breast Cancer Awareness month is upon us and we've got just one question for you: Are you ready to grab life, and your boobs?

Each year in the U.K., 4,000 women under the age of 45 will be diagnosed with breast cancer, with 1 in 8 women being affected in their lifetimes, and 400 men diagnosed annually. But if you know the signs and symptoms and if you get familiar with your own body, you'll have the best possible chance of detecting any changes early.

The good news: It's pretty easy to do—there isn't a strict method to checking your boobs and it's important to know that every pair is different. As a general rule of thumb, CoppaFeel! suggests having a good old look and feel of your boobs or pecs about once a month. Nothing fancy—you can do it in the shower, when you're getting dressed or lying down on your bed. Just make it a part of your normal routine, and remember no one knows your body better than you do.

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